-   ART  
Here's my original art and crafts. My fanart is kept at Jade*Island.
Please do not use anything here without my permission.


  Gecko Jungle
A fantasy watercolor painting.

  Our Shore
A watercolor painting of a beach.

  Hawaiian Honu
A watercolor painting of a seaturtle.

  In the Rain
A watercolor painting & drabble about two kids.

  Rocketship - All I Found Was You
A simple digital painting based on a VAST song.


My favorite rough drawings from my art blog.

  Inferno Train
Racing through fire and falling rocks.

  Desolate Sunset
A foggy wasteland.

  Margarita Teacup
A family tradition.

Notebook Covers

I enjoy making covers for my composition notebooks; it's one of my favorite creative outlets.   Newest ones are at the top of the list.

  Chinese Green NB
Green covers with Chinese signs.

  Starry Night NB
Light blue starry covers.

  Starbucks NB
Starbucks paper bag cover, with handles.

  Golden-Black NB
Black and Gold covers with desert & poem.

  Spidey NB
Blue covers with Spider-Man promo art.

  Golden NB
Gold design covers with a rose on the back.


  Stationery: Pink Pony
A note with a My Little Pony design.

  Cupcake Frosting Designs
Wow, I must be really short on content to add this.