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Musogato History

The name Musogato (pronounced Moo-So Gah-Toe), was created on November 27, 2000. I originally made the name for a pet project, but it never got started so the name got buried.

Then, around late August/early September of 2001, I decided to make a new website for all of my original works. Since I couldn't decide on what I should name this new site, I looked through all of my writings and found Musogato. I really liked its unique-ness, and how bizzare is it that it fit my website more than the project it was made for? That name was exactly what I needed.

Musogato.com was purchased on March 23, 2002 and was officially opened to the public on Friday, March 29th. ^_^

Translation of Musogato

Musogato is a combination of Japanese and Spanish. "Musou" means "to daydream" in Japanese, and "Gato" means "cat" in Spanish. So Musogato roughly translates to Dream(ing) Cat.

Those specific words, although chosen for another reason, fit me perfectly because I'm a dreamer, I like cats, and foreign languages. However, "Musogato" doesn't just mean those things. I believe it has an essence, in a way. It's like that feeling you get when you look at the clearing blue sky after a storm, or when there's a million tiny clouds reflecting the early morning light. It's a word that I think sends out peaceful, day-dream like vibes. A good, calm feeling.


Musogato was created by, and is owned by me, Jade Smith; copyrighted 2002. This includes all stories, artwork, comics, and everything else that I have created. My work is also protected by Intellectual Property.

If you want to share my work on another website, you may as long as you have a link back to Musogato.com. Do not post my work without credit, claim it as your own, or sell it for profit.

If you want to commission me for work, you can find more information about that here.