Hello, welcome to Musogato.com. I am Jade, the webmistress and caretaker. This portion of the site is home to my original art and work, but you can find links to my fansites under More. Navigation is above, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

December 30, 2012
Wow, it's been a few years, huh? The front page now has an intro-box so things are less confusing for new visitors, and I have set up a page for my art and crochet commissions. I also have a Tumblr for my latest art and works in progress. I suppose that's it for now; thanks for visiting!

June 25, 2010
Another year, another post! Still love this layout, though. Maybe it'll never change. Anyway, Art has been updated with a new sketches section, and an old notebook cover. In addition, a link to my art blog (yes, I have one! Er, another one!) has been added to More. There's an on-site Doodle Blog in there too that I purposely failed to ever mention, but I probably won't be posting in there anymore so too late now. That's all for today, but hopefully I can fit in another update this year. Maybe even go for a hat trick? =0

November 12, 2009
...Wow, it really has been a year. At first I thought the last update date was a typo. ^^;; Well, I do have some new Art posted, though they're not really new -- four watercolor paintings have been added. The More page has also been reorganized a bit.

September 25, 2008
A real update? Here? Haven't done that in a long time. The Art page has been updated with two new entries; a rocketship painting and homemade stationery.

April 24, 2008
Aww... I was checking on some domains that I admire to find they still hadn't updated in a long time, and realized that I'm doing the same thing with my site. :( Bummer! So I thought I'd pay a little visit. I don't have any updates to speak of, but I am almost done with a new layout for J*I (which is good since the current one is ancient and awful), and have the basic framework of the new layout for Guardian in the works. I should probably make a new layout skin for DH too, but I'm completely out of ideas for it. I guess not watching any Avatar since the last US-aired episode in November may be part of the reason. >>; I suppose I should do something for this site as well, but I still rather love this layout so no changes there. The links page needs to be updated though... most of the links are either broken or worse so I've taken the page down for now. I'll have a small replacement page up before the end of the month though. I guess that's it for now, as this is pretty long. ^^;

June 24, 2007
I didn't do this as soon as I would have liked, but the Site Layouts page has been updated with info on this new layout. The Blog Layouts page has also been updated with screenshots and info on all of my Pitas.com blog layouts. Woo.

March 27, 2007
Ah, just in time for the 5th anniversary -- here is the new layout. And yes, Musogato.com is really 5 years old now. I can hardly believe it. ^^; I got it when I was 16 and I still remember what the first year of having it was like... I use to draw the site layout ideas out on a chalkboard first. XD Haha, don't do that anymore. But getting this site really helped decide my future path, I think. I had a fansite before this one, but getting MG.com cemented my interest in webdesign and dedication to maintaining online sites. (Well, as dedicated as one could be considering my lazy streak. ^^')

Anyway, along with the new layout, all of the pages have been re-done with xhtml 1.0 transitional coding -- making this my first site to be validated by W3C. I know it won't mean much to you (the site worked fine before it), but it's pretty "eee!" for me. ^^; I hope to make all of my other sites compliant with the W3C standards too, but it might take a (loooong) while. Ah well. Other site updates include the Art page being back up and including my notebook covers. I seem to have lost my old original art files, but that's okay. I probably would have taken them down anyway. I'll have the Layouts page updated later to include info on this layout, and I think that's it.

Happy birthday Musogato.com! And you too, laptop. I got you around the same time too. ^^;