Aloha, I am Jade and this is my lovely island website; home to my fan-works and other stuff for my favorite animated & video game series. Navigation is to the upper right, and I hope enjoy your stay!

   January 11, 2017
The Fanart page has been revamped, and now includes the art I've completed since the last update in 2013. Yikes. Which apparently has just been ATLA crochet keychains, some Metroid comics, and some other miscellaneous drawings. Oh, and an 85+ page pokémon comic, but I didn't add that one yet. Gonna figure out how to set up its own page first. Until then you can read it here on Tumblr.

   November 5, 2016
Wow, it's... been a while. Not even sure I remember how to do this, ha ha. Anyway, the Pumpkin Carvings page has been updated with the past few years' carvings, and the Shiny Pokemon page has been updated too. At some point I plan to clean up the Fanart page, but until then just check my Tumblr for my newer drawings. I've also been doing a Pokemon SoulSilver Nuzlocke comic at ssnuzlocke.tumblr.com that updates twice a week. Go check it out! =)

   May 31, 2013
Updating again sorta soonish! Fanart has been updated with a new Avatar drawing, and more are on the way.

   March 14, 2013
First update of the year, hopefully more to follow. Fanart has been updated with my latest crochet doll, a Season 1 Prince Zuko, filed under Avatar.

   December 28, 2012
Welp, the pattern of updating twice a year continues. This year's Avengers carving has been added to the Pumpkin Carvings page, and Fanart has been updated with the 13 drawings/crochet projects from this year, in Avatar, Legend of Zelda, and Everything Else. The Other page has been re-organized a bit as well, along with some new links. I also want to note that I have a Tumblr now, which updates slightly more often than this site and includes my art and works in progress. Thanks for visiting!

   January 8, 2012
Happy new year! Meant to post this all last month, but that's life. Fanart has been updated with pieces in Avatar and Legend of Zelda; the Pumpkin Carvings page has been updated with my Korra and Trigun 2011 carvings; and 15 Icons have been added under Detective Conan, Tales of Symphonia, and Misc (Captain America, Chris Evans, Hawaii 5-0, The Losers, and Spider-Man).