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My original stories and poems are kept here.
However please note that most of these are many years old.


  The Uncanny Christmas Dinner
As a friend called it- it's a fractured fairy tale with a good moral.

  The Apple's Big Invasion
A Halloween story I wrote for my 9th grade English class.


  Her Own
Just because you are searching, doesn't mean you shall find it.

Shhh.... Can you hear it?

  The End
Every beginning has an end, over and over again,
but it's those final steps that hurt the most.

Never underestimate.

  I'm Sorry...
No one is perfect, especially me.

  Out There
Imagery of the stars, made for my 11th grade English class.

Lots of questions - zero answers.

  Lost in the Details
A winding road of a poem indeed.

  Where Were You?
Quite confusing, and can be read from many points of view.

  State of Grace
I wish I could go back home...