The many unique animals that inhabit the Avatar World.

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South Pole

Polar Mouse

I have no idea what these are called, but I think they're a mix of the Ermine and Lemming, and as Chip A. pointed out, a chinchilla. These squeaky creatures are pure white and make ther home in the abandoned Fire Navy ship.


Actually, it's more of a Penguin-Seal hybrid, but it sure is a cute combination! They walk and act like a penguin, but their faces and whiskers are distinctly seal-ish. They also have four fins and a flat tail. Can be used for sledding.

Polar Bear Dog

About the size of a large dog; they have a thick black stripe down their back and upper portion of their face. Appears to have no extra limbs, and seems quite tame. This particular bear lives with the Southern Water Tribe.

Polar Sea Lions

Another hybrid type, these guys look like a seal with cat attributes. Note the long cat ears and the tiger stripes along the body. However the stripes on their faces remind me of an ocelot. A food source for the Water Tribe, they are the main ingredient in blubbered seal jerky.


North Pole - Earth - Fire - Ocean - Air - South Pole