The many unique animals that inhabit the Avatar World.

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Central Sea


Wow, they look exactly like real seagulls. ^^; They probably live in the same areas as their real-life counterparts too; near the ocean coasts. Although the first time we see them is in episode 9.

Southern Sea

Elephant Koi

They're your typical koi fish except maybe 20 or 30 times larger. ^^; Rather tame and can be ridden for sport, just watch out for the Unagi as the koi are its favorite snack.

Unagi Eel

Gigantic sea serpent/eel that can shoot jets of water from its mouth. Carnivorous with a mouthful of sharp teeth, its meals include the elephant koi among other things. It has two sets of eyelids; the outer ones close horizontally and the inner ones close vertically. Very temperamental, and always hungry.


North Pole - Earth - Fire - Ocean - Air - South Pole