The many unique animals that inhabit the Avatar World.

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Air Temples

Flying Bison

A very large 10-ton bison-otter hybrid that can swim and fly. Has fluffy white fur with a tan arrow along its back, six legs with otter-like paws, and a wide flat tail. Used to transport Air Nomads, but since the war, it's unknown how many besides Appa are left.

Hermit Crab

Found inside the Northern Air Temple, these little fellas are about the size of your palm. They have white fuzzy fur to keep them warm. It is thought that these hermit crabs are decendents from the ones that lived in the temple hundreds of years ago.


Mischievous black & white lemurs with bat-like wings and ears, they were a favorite pet among Air Nomad children. They have a heightened sense of smell and hearing, so they are able to sense danger from miles away. Because of the war, it is believed that there are few left besides Momo. (seen left)


North Pole - Earth - Fire - Ocean - Air - South Pole