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The Apple's Big Invasion

Deep into New York City, past the dark back alleys and below the deserted subways, mysterious figures gather in masses. Though inside the city, everything is busy like usual. People rush from building to building, car horns honk in the heat of traffic, and children laugh all the while strangers creep closer, six feet under. The sun's light grew and faded as large cumulus clouds billowed across the unsuspecting October sky.

A group of friends, four seventeen-year-old girls to be exact, walked out of a restaurant chatting eagerly.

"Did you see that cute guy back there?" One said while twirling a few strands of blonde hair around her fingers. The short, black-haired girl glanced back at the restaurant and smirked.

"Oh yeah, I should have gotten that instead of the pizza!"

"Heh, tell me about it. The soup was nasty." The red-haired girl said while sticking her tongue out. The brunette nodded in agreement and continued the complaint.

"Good thing you didn't order the ice cream. It was more ice than cream, and it had way too many berries in it. Blech. I don't know why I ordered it with berries, I hate 'em."

"Well then, it's a good thing I don't eat dessert first. My salad wasn't that bad, but with all those hotties around, all foods taste good."

Laura said, continuing to play with her blonde hair. The group kept walking down the street until they came to a corner. There they waited patiently for the little green-dude light to flash so that they could cross. When the string of cars finally stopped, the four walked across. Midway into the street Stacey, the brunette, stopped on a manhole and imperiously grabbed onto the shoulder in front of her.

"Quinn...Did you feel that?" She asked, her voice quivering.

"No, I didn't feel anything. It must be your imagination." The redhead replied. "You okay?"

Stacey looked around again and slowly nodded. Just as they began to move again, the streets of New York began to shake violently. The four friends, along with everyone and thing in NYC began to panic as each of the manholes exploded into the air, one by one being held up by a pillar of steam. And as if that weren't bad enough, human-like creatures lumbered out of the steam, their moaning slowly growing louder. Stacey suddenly noticed that she was standing on a manhole and froze with fear as the iron cover beneath her began to shake and steam slipped through cracks.

Quinn grabbed her arm and they both ran to safety on the sidewalk, where Laura and Emma waited recumbently on some large crates that were carelessly placed next to an abandoned warehouse. As soon as they made it, the manhole behind them exploded into the air; the iron cover landing next to Laura. She skittered behind Emma, peering over her shoulder at the cover like it was radioactive.

"What the heck is going on here?!"

She asked. Everyone contemplated this when Stacey morosely spoke up.

"We're being attacked..." Everyone looked up at her, their eyes wide with fear. "By zombies." She finished.

"WHAT?! Stace, you've got to be joking! Zombies don't exist, everyone knows that!"

Laura yelled brusquely. Stacey glanced above Laura's head, flashing a quick grin.

"Then what's that behind you?"

She asked pointing behind Laura. Laura narrowed her eyes and glanced over her shoulder. Behind her was a typical seven-foot zombie, complete with bulging eyes, ragged clothes, horrid smell and a droned moaning. Laura turned around, her face pale as snow. She screamed "Zombie!" and ran toward her three friends, who began to run away too.

Moving debris out of their way, the quadruple soon found what seemed like the entire city population running from the creatures that popped out of the ground like daisies. Up-turned cars and shattered glass covered the street, and the sky seemed to be turning red while black clouds blocked out any pure light. Soon Stacey and the others found themselves at a junction on 42nd street, and slowed to a stop. They had to decide between three different paths, each of them claiming to go a different way.


Stacey said delighted as she ran toward an abandoned vending machine. Laura scoffed something under her breath and followed her, along with Quinn and Emma. When Stacey reached the lovely machine, she slipped a dollar into the slot and a small bag of Planter's Nuts popped out. Turning around, she found herself surrounded by zombies, and her friends were no where to be found.

"Quinn...? Emma...? Laura!"

She yelled as the zombies came closer. Their mouths gaped empty words but their dull eyes said it all. Dinner.


Stacey opened her eyes and found herself in a quiet classroom in Iowa. Glancing out the window near by, she saw green hills and a flock of birds flying by. Dejectedly, she looked back in the room, all eyes on her.

"No one is going to eat you, Stacey. Maybe next time you shouldn't fall asleep in my class."

The teacher said. A few students smirked while others whispered quietly. Stacey laid her head back down on the table, her face growing red.

"Now who can tell me the square root of 4096?" The old lady droned as her voice slowly faded away.


Later that day, Stacey sat comfortably on the couch at home, flipping through the channels on TV. Something caught her eye and she went back a channel. It was the news, but it wasn't only the cute anchor guy that got her attention; it was the report he was reading. Something about zombies taking over New York and heading west, but she didn't need to listen to the rest of the story to know what would happen. She quickly picked up the phone and dialed Quinn's number, but the dial tone wasn't there.

'The phone's dead...'

She thought as she put the phone back in its cradle. The lights inside the house began to dim as a storm was heard outside. Something scratched against the window as the wind roared on.

The End?

Jade Smith ~ May 22, 2000