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Where Were You?

Why didn't you wake me
When I started to scream?
When the tears rolled down my cheeks
And I shivered in fear.

I called out your name,
Many times indeed,
But you never came for me.
Your voice echoed
In my head,
But your words
I did not hear.

I longed for you to rescue me,
Out of this hellish darkness
That was life,
But you never came for me.
You never saved me.

You were the sun that
Lighted my life,
Made me whole.
Then night came and
You left me to wither.

in the dark;
in a crowd;
I search for you
But never did I find.

They say life is cruel, but dreams are even worse.

Thank God for the memories of yesteryear.

Too bad they just don't last.

'Cause when I wake up,

Your mug is the first thing I see.

{ ~*~ }

Jade Smith ~ February 10, 2002