Tales of a Jigglypuff Army
Tales of a Jigglypuff Army


This site is on an indefinite hiatus.

I should have said this a long time ago, but a few days after my last update (in July 2005), the battery in my Silver game dried up, and my save file was deleted. Any new games cannot be saved, and I cannot do a full Johto-Kanto run on only two AA batteries. I do have Pokemon Crystal, but it is in Japanese, and Jigglypuff/Purin cannot be captured until Goldenrod/Kogane City. Which is 2 gyms, 1 cave, 1 Team Rocket/Roketto Dan invasion, and 1 forest into the game. While that's only a little worse than Pokemon Blue, it also means I'd have to play my GBA again. Not having a backlight is going to be quite the annoyance.

I could just skip over to the Hoenn region, but I don't want to delete my Sapphire game, and I haven't finished Emerald yet. So.... I guess it's a stalemate for now. But at least you guys know what's happening. Sorry for not updating in almost two years. ^^;;;; But this is it for now. Until I decide to go ahead with Crystal, finish Emerald and transfer my dudes to Sapphire, or finally make a new layout, there won't be any more updates anytime soon. But thank you for visiting, and happy new year.

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Site Info

I created this site sometime in February 2004 after hearing about the Jigglypuff Challenge from Lullaby, and decided to carry out the challenge myself. Even though the challenge in Blue took only about a month to complete, I waited seven months (October) before putting this site online. Because I am insanely lazy.

HTML was written in Notepad, images are from various sources, and Jigglypuff is from Pokemon, which is owned by Nintendo, GameFreak, Creatures, and etc.

If you'd like to link back to this site, you can pick up banners here. If you'd like your experiences of training a Jigglypuff Army to be included here, email me the details and I'll make a page or two just for you. =)