Tales of a Jigglypuff Army
Tales of a Jigglypuff Army

Quest Info

This journey began October 10, 2004, and takes place in Pokemon Silver. I chose this version because you cannot catch Jigglypuff before the first gym in Crystal. No gamesharking has been done to enhance the Puffs' stats, nor have I used the box-cloning trick to increase items or TMs.

Like the previous challenge, only the Puffs are fighting. Petey the Totodile will only be used when an HM is needed like Surf, Cut, and Whirlpool. Hopefully whoever I get to learn Waterfall can also learn Fly. :P

Badges: 6  Time Played: 26 hrs 20 min  Puff Lvl: 35

I've made my way to Mohagany Town, and will soon investigate the lake with its mysterious radio station and red Gyarados. Will I capture or defeat the shiny pkmn? I haven't decided yet. If it can learn fly, I'm keeping it. :P After the Rocket adventure, it's on to the Mohagany Gym.

This journey has been cut short. Unfortunately, my Silver game died and the save file was lost. This journey will not be continued.