Tales of a Jigglypuff Army
Tales of a Jigglypuff Army


These are the highlights for my epic journey in Silver, through both Johto and Kanto. Marvel in its epic-ness!!

This journey has been cut short. Unfortunately, my Silver game died and the save file was lost. This journey will not be continued.

Mineral Badge - Olivine Gym
used: Yon, Roku, Ni
I always found it rather odd that there were no other trainers inside Jasmine's gym... I mean, unlike Gary of the Viridian Gym who easily has enough skill and talent to hold the gym on his own, Jasmine... doesn't. Her gym is so sad and lonely. Like the rest of Olivine City, I always had the feeling that it was missing half of its soul or something. But anyway, on to the battle. With Yon knowing Fire Punch, and Ni with Mud-Slap, I had a great advantage over the steel types. Yon took out the first Magnemite easily enough, though the Thunderbolt did do a lot of damage. Sent out Roku as a sacrifical lamb for the next Magnemite so I could heal Yon (sorry Roku! ^^'), and when she fainted, Ni came out and quickly finished the job with Mud-Slap. And now for the main event... Steelix vs. Yon! ^_^ Yon attacked first with Fire Punch, taking out 50% of its hp. But Steelix retalilated with Iroh Tail, wiping out 97% of Yon's hp, which totally scared me. ^^;; Thankfully Yon's defense withheld, and she finished off Steelix with a critical hit Fire Punch. :D Received TM23 - Iron Tail, but no one can learn it. Puff lvls 35.

Storm Badge - Cianwood Gym
used: Ni, Ichi, Go, San, Yon, Roku
In this gym, the trainers were just as threatening as their leader, so I'll include their blow-by-blow battles as well. ^-^;
Yoshi & his Hitmonlee vs. Ni: Hitmonlee attacked first with Jump Kick, knocking Ni's hp down to 21. But he hung in there and used Sing, which thankfully worked. (whew!) I healed Ni, then had him Body Slam, taking out 95% of Hitmonlee's hp. He then woke up, and KOed Ni. Sent out Ichi, which he then Jump Kicked. Ichi hung in with 15hp remaining, and used Strength to finish off Hitmonlee. Yay!
Dao & his Hitmonchan vs. Ichi: I used Moo Moo Milk to quickly heal her, and Hitmonchan attacked with Thunderpunch, then Icepunch. However the elemental attacks hardly made a dent, and Ichi KOed Hitmonchan with a critical hit Strength. Double Yay! ^_^
Nob's Machop vs. Go: Go attacks first with Body Slam, bringing him down 90%. Machop then Karate Chops Go's hp in half, but Go is faster so she ends the fight easily. Machoke vs. San: Far too easy! San attacks first with Body Slam, taking out 50% of his hp and paralyzes him. Machoke can't make a move, so San finishes him off with another Body Slam. =D
Lung's two Mankey vs. Yon: A few bruises, but Yon KOs the two easily enough with Body Slam. Primeape vs. Roku: I thought this would be a hard fight, but it wasn't. Primeape used weak moves like Fury Swipes, so with a Body Slam and an Ice Punch, the battle was quickly won. Left for the Pokemon Center, then returned for Chuck.

CHUCK: Primeape vs. Ni: Started off with Leer while Ni used Body Slam, taking out 80% of the ape's hp. He then fired back with a Karate Chop, which much to my surprise, Ni survived. He countered with another Body Slam, and won. Poliwrath vs. Ichi: Poliwrath uses Dynamic Punch and misses while Ichi uses Strength, taking out about 20% of his hp. Although I worried if Poli's attack would hit, it never did and with a few more Strengths, Ichi won. ^_^ But I dunno.... After all of the tribulation we went through with Yoshi's Hitmonlee and the other fighting pokemon, I was kind of disappointed with Chuck. I mean, he's the leader! His authority shouldn't be rivaled by the those training in his gym, and yet it feels like it was. If there's ever a remake of Johto, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Yoshi ended up being the next Cianwood gym leader. *nods* Anyway, received TM01 - Dynamic Punch, but I doubt I'll use it. The accuracy is far too low. Puff lvls 35.

+ Watery routes 40 & 41, Cianwood City +
used: all, though not all together
Considering how sensitive my Blue team was to poison attacks, I was afraid the mass of tentacool and tentacruel in these waters would be horrible for my Silver team. However, that wasn't the case at all. They did pretty well against them, rarely got poisoned, and the water trainers posed no threat. All was well... until I got to Cianwood. By then plus some training, the Puffs were at lvl 27, and though I vaguely remembered this gym being Fighting-type, I payed no mind as I went in and got challenged by a trainer. Oh boy. Despite being the same level, Yoshi's Hitmonlee tore through the Puffs like tissue paper. Only two actually survived the first hit, but their Sing attacks fell on deaf ears and all was lost. After that crushing defeat, I spent much time in various areas training up the Puffs, and doing various side-quests to gain new TMs and items, some of which were used. The Puffs, now level 35, had learned Rest and Body Slam, and we were ready to begin our rematch.

+ Olivine Lighthouse +
used: Ichi, Ni, San, Yon, Go, Roku
Yay! The Lighthouse trainers were much easier than I thought they would be. Even the Sailors were no problem. Not a single Puff fainted, although Roku was very close against the last Sailor's machop. Puff lvls 24.

+ Union Cave, second floor +
used: Ichi, Ni, San, Yon, Go
>_<; Roku knew Ice Beam. I knew this. But for whatever reason, I opted to leave her behind so I could bring Petey who could now use Surf. Idiot, idiot! On the 2nd floor a Supernerd with two Marrowaks whupped my sorry behind and I lost over 3k. Ugh. The Puffs' first defeat. Although if they would sing on cue maybe we would have been able to beat him... *grumble grumble* Returned with Roku, but fought some Hikers instead and wound up in the Alph Ruins victorious. Puff lvls 23-24. Will rematch the Supernerd when Puffs are stronger.

Fog Badge - Ecruteak Gym
used: Go, Ichi, Roku, Yon, Ni, San
The trainers inside weren't that hard, as they always used Curse which in my opinion is the -worst- move a ghost type can use. I mean, it cuts their hp in half! And without Mean Looking the opponent first, it's basically in vain. But whatever, the Puffs sent them to the afterworld in no time. Morty, on the other hand, was a bit more challenging. Go took his Gastly out with just a few scrapes, but Ichi was no match against Haunter. She was however able to put him to sleep before the curse took her out, which greatly helped Go defeat him. Gengar was real trouble though, especially with the hyponosis/dream eater combo. Roku was pretty close, but lost the upperhand and became ghost food. Yon didn't fare much better, and neither did Ni. San thankfully managed victory with Rollout and quickly dispatched the Haunter that followed. ^_^ Received TM30 - Shadowball. Haven't yet decided who to teach it to. Puff lvls 21-22.

Rival @ Ecruteak
used: Ni, Ichi, San, Yon, Go, Roku
I totally forgot that rival challenges you at the Burned Tower. Good thing I healed before going up there, and by all the luck, Ni was first in the lineup to take care of his Haunter. ^_^' Ichi was taking care of Magnemite before getting KOed, and San finished up. Yon handled Zubat despite being confused, and Go and Roku took care of Bayleaf. Why oh why didn't I buy Ice Punch or Fire Punch while I was in Goldenrod? Bayleaf would have been defeated much faster with those TMs. I must go shopping. Puff lvls 20.

+ Kimono Girls - Ecruteak City +
used: San, Go, Yon, Roku, Ichi
These battles went very quickly and easily. Not much to report, except Jolteon and Vaporeon's sprites were uber cute. ^-^ Recieved HM03 Surf, taught to Petey, puff lvls 19-20.

+ Sudowoodo +
used: Ni
Ni did very well, although it took a while for mud-slap to wear down her hp. Yup, Sudowoodo was a girl. That must be rare or something. Anyway, I was a bit worried about Low Kick, but Ni's singing landed right on so it was no problem until she woke up near the very end. But by then, it was too late. Lvl 19.

- side note -
Bought TM02 - Headbutt for all Puffs except Ichi, who learned the TM for free. Pound is too weak, and they won't learn Body Slam, their best strongest attack until level 34. There'll be too many gym and Rocket battles before lvl 34 for them to depend on little Pound, so my 10k was worth the investment.

Plain Badge - Goldenrod Gym
used: Go, San, Roku, Ichi, (<- all for Clefairy) (for Milktank ->) Ichi, Ni, Yon
Oh my. Clefairy used Mimic to learn Sing, and it was downhill from there. -_-; The Puffs slept like logs while they were Metronomed into oblivion. Ichi got lucky and was able to put Clefairy to sleep first. A few headbutts, and it was out. However Ichi fell quickly to Milktank, and with only two Puffs left I got a bit worried. (I had 1 revive + 5 SuperPotions. Me = idiot) Ni's mud-slap was truly a gift from heaven though... Milktank's rollout, while scary-strong, wasn't a problem if it missed 4 out of 5 times. :D Of course, Milk Drink was a real pain. This battle went on for a very long time, going back and forth between Milktank sleeping and Ni pounding, and Milktank healing up and Ni trying to sing it back asleep. Milktank eventually knocked Ni out with two Stomps, and it was up to Yon. The battle waged like it did with Ni, except Milktank finally ran out of Milk Drink pp. Yon was able to knock Milktank out, and I was able to save before my batteries died. YAY! *_*

I cannot believe how challenging that battle was! Kudos to Whitney, and her sidekick Lass Bridget who raised three tough Puffs. I must definitely add Milktank to my final team in FR. :P Or at least buy more supplies before going to a gym match. Recieved TM45 - Attract, but haven't taught it to any one yet. Puff lvls 17-18.

Hive Badge - Azalea Gym
used: Yon, Go, San, Ichi, Ni
Most of Bugsy's pkmn were easy to defeat, although it took a while since they kept using Harden, and awakening quickly. Scyther was the most challenging, and quickly demolished half of my team. Ni was able to put it to sleep, and thankfully, it stayed asleep until fainting. *phew!* Recieved TM49 (fury cutter) but no one can learn it. Puff lvls 14-15.

Rival @ Azalea
used: Ni, Roku, Ichi, San/Roku
With Ni knowing mud-slap, he was greatly helpful in defeating Rival's Ghastly. Roku eventually defeated Zubat, but Bayleef... oh jeeze. Ichi fell quickly, and although San did much damage, she too fell. Roku finished the job, barely. *shakes head* Bayleef's high defenses will be a big problem until the Puffs learn a fire or ice TM.

+ Slowpoke Well +
used: Roku, Yon
Rocket grunts posed no challenge. The slowpoke were so cute! ^x^ But they were fishfood for the Puffs.

+ Union Cave, floor one +
used: Ni, Ichi, Go, San
Holy crap! What a total nightmare! So many rock/ground types... if Ni didn't learn mud-slap, those trainers would have wiped the floor with me. And even then, mud-slap didn't do that much damage, but thank goodness for the accuracy lowering part. Or else I would have been... x_x Hiker Anthony nearly KOed my team until Go put machop to sleep. Mweeep.

Zephyr Badge - Violet Gym
used: Ichi, San
This was rather easy, all of Falkner's birds went down with 2-3 pounds each. Pidgeotto was a bit of a challenge, but once San put it to sleep, it was smooth sailing. Recieved TM31 (mud-slap) and taught it to Ni. Puffs were lvl 12.

+ Sprout Tower +
used: everyone
Very easy, no problems whatsoever. I was a bit worried about running into a ghost-type, but everyone there only had bellsprouts and hoot hoots. So no worries.