Tales of a Jigglypuff Army
Tales of a Jigglypuff Army


This is the short version of my epic journey for Blue. I was going to write a fanfic, but... I'm too lazy. So this'll have to do for now. Enjoy!! ^_^

Elite Four & Champion Rival
used: Alpha, Beta, Celia, Danni, Ellie, Haelie
By the time I trained the Puffs to level 51 on Victory Road, I realized that this was going to take way too long to get them up to an acceptable level. So I decided to take part of the "Lorlei Training Method". Basically, this meant spending all my money (at the time over 110k) on full restores, revives, and max potions, so I wouldn't lose much when I lost. Yes, when I lost. See, I wouldn't use any of these healing items during my fights with Lorlei. Instead, I would have the Puffs fight battle after battle, gaining experience from her high-level pokemon and helping the Puffs level up much faster, while also gaining insight in which strategy worked best for each member of Lorlei's team.

The toughest member of her team was Lapras, with its Blizzard and Hydro Pump that always knocked my entire team flat. But as the Puffs leveled up, I saw that Danni could stand up to Lapras' strong attacks, leaving a perfect opening for Sing. And on some lucky battles, Danni was able to put Lapras to sleep and knock it out with a few good body slams.

With Bruno and his fighting and rock team, Danni had the natural advantage by knowing bubblebeam and ice beam. And while still sticking to the LTM by not using any of the healing/reviving potions until the Puffs were at a higher level, usually only Danni was still standing. But Danni was enough to take down Bruno's entire team, so Danni grew much faster than the other Puffs.

Beating Agatha and her Ghost pokemon, however, was no easy feat. Most of the attacks the Puffs knew either did little or no damage, and the only attacks that did help, Psychic, was only known by Celia. Needless to say, it was imminent that Celia stayed healthy and full of hp throughout the battle. But with only 10 pp for the attack and Agatha's constant healing of her team, it was obvious I needed backup. However the Puffs couldn't learn any ground or rock attacks, and the only other psychic-type TM I had was Psywave from the Saffron Gym, an attack that varied in damage and was never "super effective" despite who it was used against.

However once I was able to take care of Agatha, Lance and his dragons were a welcome sight. With ice and electric type attacks, it was sure to be a breeze. Although surprisingly enough, Beta was the real star of taking down Lance. With Reflect protecting her from attacks like HyperBeam and Slam, and Seismic Toss doing an amazing amount of damage, Beta was usually a better choice than using an elemental attack!

Champion Rival. Despite all the gym battles and all the times I've fought him throughout the game, this was one of the most challenging battles I've ever had. Perhaps it's because by the time I reached him most of my Puffs were low on attack pp, or because his team was fully rested and ready to boogie while mine were tired and wishing for a break. Either way, I only faced him twice. First time I managed to defeat the first half of his team with the Puffs at lvl 54, and the second time I beat his entire team. However unlike the other battles with him, his Venusaur was surprisingly easy to beat. Huh.

The Puffs defeated the Champion at level:
A=57, B=58, C=58, D=59, E=58, and H=57.

+ Moltres +
used: Celia
Surprisingly easy! In fact, this was way too easy, as only Celia was used to bring the fiery bird down, and didn't even need a healing potion! With a few hits of Body Slam, Moltres went out like a candle. Celia lvl 49.

+ Gary @ Viridian +
used: Ellie, Alpha, Beta, Haelie, Danni
A bit more challenging this time, but not by too much. Puffs had slight trouble with Gyarados and Venusaur (mostly Venu), but overall they did pretty good.

+ Zapdos +
used: Haelie, Alpha, Danni
Fairly easy, probably more so due to the strategy. Haelie used Toxic and got in a hit before being knocked out and Alpha got in a few hits before being KOed as well, and once Danni got out, Zapdos was pretty worn out due to the poison. Just one hit from Danni and Zapdos was down for the count. Puff lvls 47-48.

Earth Badge
used: Danni, Celia, Alpha, Beta, Ellie
Nothing too hard, as usual. Rhydon at the end was a bit scary and managed to Fissure two of my Puffs in a row. But he couldn't KO Celia before she took care of him. Other than that nothing really stands out.

Volcano Badge
used: Alpha, Beta, Celia, Danni, Ellie
Pretty easy. Only took two-three hits to knock the fire pkmn out. Interestingly enough, the physical attacks like Body Slam were much more effective than Celia and Danni's water attacks. Arcanine was a bit difficult, but after putting him to sleep he was a breeze.

+ Articuno +
used: Alpha, Celia, Danni, Ellie, Haelie
This was almost a total massacre. Articuno tore through most of the Puffs like tissue paper with Peck and Ice Beam, however Alpha and Haelie could endure for a few rounds longer than the others. Although I did need to revive her and Haelie, things got much easier once Alpha paralyzed it with Thunderbolt. After that Alpha kept whittling down Articuno's hp until she got knocked out with an Ice Beam, and then Haelie gave the final blow. All Puff lvls were around 43-44.

Marsh Badge
used: Haelie, Ellie, Danni, Celia
Despite being the "all-powerful" psychics, my Puffs had no problems defeating Sabrina. Perhaps its because most psychic-types have a terrible defense? Either way, this fight was quickly won.

+ Fighting Dojo +
used: Alpha, Beta, Danni, Celia
I was really worried about this place because of the Fighting-type advantage over normal-type, but it was surprisingly easy. In fact, I only used Celia (who knows Psychic) once at the very end because I felt it would be a waste of an attack if I didn't.

+ Giovanni @ Saffron +
used: Danni, Celia, Alpha
Again, very easy. Although it's a no brainer considering Danni and Celia's water attacks have such an advantage over his ground-types.

+ Gary @ Saffron +
used: Alpha, Beta, Danni, Celia, Ellie/Haelie
This was quite a fun and entertaining battle. I enjoyed it very much. ^_^ It was also fairly easy, but I changed each Puff going in order as he did, although Ellie couldn't take Venusaur's assault so Haelie had to finish up. I look forward to our next match. ;)

Soul Badge
used: Celia, Ellie, Beta/Alpha
Because of the Puffs' strange ability to be poisoned at every poison-type attack no matter the percentage of it happening, I was rather worried about this gym. Although it went much smoother than I had thought it would. Although Weezing at the end was quite the challenge, Beta and Alpha were able to beat it.

Rainbow Badge
used: Beta, Danni, Alpha
This match was pretty hard, but the Puffs were able to hang on and win without me having to restart the match. ((What? I'm not losing half of my money again!)) My biggest gripe (other than that creepy old guy looking through the window) was that most of Erika's pkmn used Wrap, which is by far one of THE most annoying moves ever. Especially when used continuously. Leaves no change of making a move. Which... may have been the point. Hmm.

+ Giovanni @ Celadon Rocket Corner +
used: Celia, Danni, Beta
Easy like a homemade pie. Thank goodness for those water-type TMs though! Talk about a lifesaver. Using physical attacks against ground-types would have taken forever.

Thunder Badge
used: Beta, Danni
Not a problem to be seen. Despite not being able to learn ground-type attacks, Beta and Danni took care of the electric types, no sweat. The match was quickly over, in my favor of course.

Cascade Badge
used: Alpha, Ellie
Major trouble. While Staryu was quickly taken care of, Starmie and its Bubblebeam was devastating. Totally KOed the Puffs in no time flat. I was left with Fonze, my Squirtle, and it was then I decided that if I let Fonze win this battle for me, I would never learn to fully depend on the Puffs to handle themselves in battle. So I took the loss (my money! ;_;) and trained my Puffs some more. After gaining a few more levels and coming up with a strategy, I re-challenged Misty and won. Just barely, but a win is a win.

Boulder Badge
used: Fonze (squirtle) and Remly (rattata)
Since I was unable to catch a Jigglypuff before facing off in this match, it technically shouldn't count or it should be considered that I have not 'fully completed this game' since my Puff Army did not defeat this gym. Either way, it doesn't really matter since there was nothing I could do. Without cheating, anyway.