Tales of a Jigglypuff Army
Tales of a Jigglypuff Army

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...because I am a total packrat, even for data. Wee.

9 hours, 2 badges, and 10 levels later...

Heheh... oops? ^_^;; Didn't mean to go almost 7 months without an update. Originally, I wanted to wait until I finished the new layout before updating the adventure, but... I never got around to making the layout. Then with the other stuff that came up, blah blah blah, you get the idea. But the point is, I'm back, and I'm ready to pick up the challenge where I left off. Which is exactly what I've done.

After much training, the Puffs have conquered the Cianwood's fighting-type Gym and Olivine's steel-type Gym, and are ready to kick some red Gyarados scales. The challenging gym battles have been added to Silver's Highlights, while their stat levels for 30 & 35 have been added to Stats, and their bios have been updated with new attacks and held items. Still trying to come up with a good new layout, but hopefully I'll get that sorted out soon. And when I say "soon", I really don't want it to mean "sometime next year". ^_^;;;

Happy new year! ^_^ As my resolution forces me to do a mildly importance task every day (or else go a week without chocolate), I'll probably be updating this site more often than usual. Since oddly enough, playing Silver and recording what happens counts as an MIT as long as I update the site. Maybe I should've resolved to getting a job instead. =P

Anyway, I've updated everything on the Silver side, and am in the process of thinking up a new layout. I like the current layout a lot, but the navigation could use some improvement, and it could also use more colors. But more on that later.

Whoops! Didn't mean to go so long without an update. I was looking through the site in an attempt to stall time and when I saw how many of you voted on my poll (Wow!) I had to turn on my GBA and continue playing so I could update the site. ^_^ So thanks everyone who voted for voting on my poll! Present was the clear winner with 11 votes, followed by Perish Song with 2 and Faint Attack with 1. So once I catch Marill and Delibird, the future puffster shall know Present. ^_^

On to the updates! Everything on the Silver side has been updated! New Quest info, lots added to Highlights, the Puffs know new attacks, and their level info has been recorded. The links page has also been updated, and seeing how well the first poll went better than I thought it would, I added some new polls.

Alright, updated the Silver side with new highlights, info, attacks, and stats. I did research on the GSC Jigglypuff breeding, and even though they can learn Faint Attack, Present, and Perish Song, no single puff can know all three attacks. ;_; So, I have a poll for you readers out there! Which attack should the future baby puff learn? Please go here to vote! Your opinion will really help me make the decision. ^-^

If you haven't noticed, the set-up for the front page has changed. Now you can go directly to either Puff challenge! I actually had a bit of trouble deciding how I would organize the site, now that it has basically split in two. But I think this will work fine, for now. I'm not sure if I'll keep it this way for when the Sapphire challenge starts. But that's far, far away from now. *whew*

So yes, the Silver challenge has begun. I haven't gotten far yet, but you can see my progress over at the Quest Info. I'm not sure how I'll organize that page either as I get farther into the game. Hmm. Maybe I'll just leave it all in there, or add it to Highlights or make an archive page for it. Or just delete it. ...No, I couldn't do that. Well, I think of something later.

Yeesh. I started this project back in February and I'm just now uploading this site? I suck. But anyway, here's the Puff Army site. Yay. You can read the quest for the Blue challenge, meet the Puff Army, and so on.

I plan on starting a new Puff Challenge in Silver, and should get that started in a few days. And since you can catch the little puffs before the first gym, and there are TWO regions to conquer, this should be quite the challenge. ^_^ More info soon.