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The magnificent window that shatters reality, dubbed the Profound Thoughts of the Month, await your viewing pleasure below. Read it, ponder it, live it.

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Knowledge is a dangerous thing. In the right hands it can be a blessing; a cure to put your worries at rest. But in the wrong hands it can be a curse; a weapon for the enemy, biding their time, waiting to use it against you. How can you tell who to trust with such valuable information? It's hard to tell; the enemy wears many faces. Follow your gut, and be wary of their rhetoric. Trust is something to be earned; not to be freely given to all you meet.

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Previous Wu entries...

1 - Seekers of Peace often find more violence and more tribulation than one would think. Yet in the end, it makes them stronger and if they are True Seekers, more determined than ever to support their cause. Never underestimate the will of a believer.

2 - Life is basically the same story told a gazillion times fold, except through a gazillion different points of view and a gazillion different voices to tell it. No story is quite the same, but they all have the same elements that make every story worth telling.

3 - Everything is interconnected into one giant mystery, slowly unraveling itself like an onion as time goes by. Finding truth is irrelevant. If you can find inner peace and sustain that harmony, despite the answers and setbacks you discover through life, only then will the meaning of truth be grasped. Because the story of life isn't about what is thrown your way, but how you throw it back.

4 - A calm winter night can bring more than a peaceful moment to collect one's thoughts. Be sure to wear a sweater. And maybe a blanket too.

5 - ...The world today has so much hype about every little thing, it spins around you like a tornado until it blocks out everything outside its reach. Yes, life today is pretty hectic. But even if its only for a minute, try to step away from noise and look up. Enjoy the warm rays of the sun or the blueness of the sky. The design of a snowflake, or the comfort of friends. Take a breather with the simple things because its OK to stop the spinning now and then. Because otherwise the world will just keep you turning until there's nothing left. Give yourself a chance to catch up with... yourself.

6 - No long paragraph this time, just a few self-created proverbs.

* It is easier to be a sheep than a shepherd
* Men think with their heads while women think with their heart
* Drifting through life hides the pain and buries the joy.
* People are not how they seem, their eyes cannot decieve the truth.

7 - There's hope in that somber blue sky... you can hear it in the wind. Beyond the thunder, and rain, it's there shining like a star veiled by clouds. And even though you can't see it sometimes, it's... always there. Shining in the dark.