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Long ago, I had a lot of ideas for comics and hoped that I would eventually get to drawing and inking them. I never did. And now I doubt I ever will. Especially since, looking back on the sketches and notes for most of them, they weren't very good.

So now this page doesn't really have a future, and I'm torn whether or not to delete it. Maybe one day I'll go back to working on my ideas, but the odds are so low and I am so lazy. But I'll leave this page up for now, so that this lame little bug comic will have a home. *sighs*

Taisetsu na Mushi Sho-!

This is a little Japanese comic I did back in October 2002. The title means "The Significant Bug Show!" and it follows two ladybug sisters, Ishiki & Pohai. Basically, it was good practice for writing in Japanese, abusing over-used anime expressions, and inking/coloring on the computer, since all of that was still new to me. You can read the comic by clicking on the picture.