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My Blog Layouts

Pitas.com really was like my second home online throughout high school and life afterwards. I loved blogging there and making new layouts for it. It was one of the few things I really looked forward to doing back then. Even though I eventually grew past it, I still miss the place and always feel warm and fuzzy inside whenever I think of it. Pitas! You'll always be in heart. ^_^;

Layout 29

"Such Great Heights"
Used August 4, 2006
My last layout. ;__; I made it on the same day as the v.26 "Crystal Rain" layout. Uses a screenshot of Presea and lyrics from the song "Such Great Heights."

Layout 28

"Mystical . Broken . Clocks"
Used Aug. 22, 2005 - Nov. 30, 2005
I really like the clock image in this layout, and the colors in general.

Layout 27

"A Spirited Adventure"
Used Jul. 13, 2005 - Jul. 31, 2005
I like this layout, but it was incredibly underused. I guess I was really over blogging by this point. ^^; Anyway, the image is from a poster of Spirited Away.

Layout 26

"Crystal Rain"
Used Apr. 14, 2005 - May 30, 2005
My all-time favorite blog layout! Love it, love it, love it. Uses my favorite calendar pic from Detective Conan, and that standard blog layout style.

Layout 25

"Breathe... Just Breathe"
Used Feb. 6, 2005 - Apr. 10, 2005
I made a Zelos layout to console myself for not getting the TFL.org's Zelos fanlisting. xD Lyrics are from that song by Anna Nalick.

Layout 24

"Beneath the Waves"
Used Oct. 6, 2004 - Jan. 18, 2005
Attempt #2 at the fancy blog layout. This one came out much better. Inspired by Wind Waker, and uses images and music from the game. I wrote the lyrics used in the layout to go along with the song used. ^^;

Layout 23

"One Truth Prevails!"
Used Aug. 8, 2004 - Sep. 15, 2004
My cute and simple Detective Conan layout. Yay.

Layout 22

"Spidey Pwns All"
Used Jun. 30, 2004 - Aug. 4, 2004
I *had* to make a Spidey layout after seeing Spider-Man 2. ^^;

Layout 21

"Can you feel it?"
Used Jun. 4, 2004 - Jun. 24, 2004
My first attempt at those fancy standard blog layouts, featuring a scene from the movie The Day After Tomorrow. Not too bad for my first try.

Layout 20

"Even in the rain // I will smile // I won't let you pull me down"
Used Mar. 9, 2004 - Jun. 3, 2004
I love this layout. It's similar to the Trigun layout, but with better colors. ^^;

Layout 19

"the intricate details of a dream"
Used Jan. 7, 2004 - Mar. 3, 2004
I really like the colors in this layout, and the main image.

Layout 18

"Fuzzy Sweater"
Used Dec. 1, 2003 - Dec. 27, 2003
It was surprisingly hard to find a photo online of just a fuzzy sweater, lol.

Layout 17

"A Red Tomorrow"
Used Nov. 10, 2003 - Dec. 1, 2003
I like this layout a lot too. Nice and simple. I took that photo while in Oregon.

Layout 16

"Sky is Falling"
Used Sep. 28, 2003 - Nov. 8, 2003
A somber, rainy layout using lyrics from my then-favorite LifeHouse song, "The Sky is Falling" (Acoustic version, of course.)

Layout 15

"Trigun ga daisuki da yo!"
Used Jul. 28, 2003 - Sep. 26, 2003
I colored that Trigun manga scan, and I still like this layout a lot.

Layout 14

"Tear-stained paper"
Used May. 25, 2003 - Jul. 26, 2003
Ha ha, I felt so clever when I came up with this pun of a layout. I AM EASILY AMUSED, thank you.

Layout 13

"In the land of Hyrule..."
Used Apr. 12, 2003 - May 23, 2003
A cute Wind Waker Link layout. I used a fancy script for the scrolling, which turned out to be a REALLY bad idea. It takes forever to scroll down (or up), and there's no way to skip to the end. =/ Live and learn, I guess.

Layout 12

"Movin' on up -- ain't keepin' me down -- I'm ringin' that bell"
Used Jan. 1, 2003 - Apr. 7, 2003
A nice winter-y layout. Can't remember where I got the tree background though.

Layout 11

"Goodbye, 2002"
Used Nov. 30, 2002 - Dec. 31, 2002
My ultra-quick December layout. Really don't like this one, even though the shading on the PhotoShop holly is pretty. ^^;

Layout 10

"Saving one turkey at a time..."
Used Nov. 1, 2002 - Nov. 28, 2002
My super-quick Thanksgiving layout. I made the background myself, but I totally yanked those turkey images. Yay online clipart sites?

Layout 09

"Trick or Treat"
Used Oct. 16, 2002 - Nov. 1, 2002
My super-quick Halloween layout, which became the standard for a few more of the layouts that followed. Mmm, candy corn.

Layout 08

"Summer's Fading Light..."
Used Aug. 9, 2002 - Oct. 15, 2002
I still like this layout, it reminds me of a brown paper bag. With sunflowers. My favorite Autumn things? I should make a new, better version of this layout.

Layout 07

"Wonderful Summer Bliss"
Used Jun. 21, 2002 - Aug. 3, 2002
Representing what summer meant to me back then: movies, tv, and beaches. Woo! I liked this layout a lot; it was my most ambitious html work yet back then.

Layout 06

"May graduations bring bitter-sweet beginnings"
Used May 18, 2002 - Jun. 19, 2002
A graduation-type layout, even though I wasn't graduating that year. 9_9; I like how clean this layout looks though. Garamond is a great font, I should use it more. And yeah, I drew the layout image myself.

Layout 05

"_.: Blue Aura :._"
Used Apr. 7, 2002 - May 14, 2002
A somber yet cozy blue layout, with a poem I wrote. It reads, "I'm on an endless busride; / Outside my window / The world in shades of blue / Inside, there's only you." Aww x2. Can't remember who inspired me to write that poem though. xD

Layout 04

"... shhh, I'm thinking..."
Used Mar. 3, 2002 - Apr. 6, 2002
I guess this was my first philisophical layout. The image in the middle reads, "Sometimes I wonder, just How far I really Am from the horizon of My Dreams." Aww.

Layout 03

"Breathe in the New Day"
Used Feb. 1, 2002 - Mar. 2, 2002
A very Spring-y layout, although very hard to read the text on. Many of my layout images were hosted on Boomspeed.com, a once-free image hosting site. My account was eventually deleted, so many of my layouts lost their images. :/

Layout 02

"Scratchings against a Blackboard"
Used Dec. 21, 2001 - Jan. 21, 2002
Very simple table, with dark backgrounds to make the other colors more vibrant. I have no idea what the first layout was, but apparently it didn't last long. ^^;

I write my HTML in Notepad, make or modify images in Paint Shop Pro7, and I design my own layouts. Please do not use my layouts for your site.