Official Art
Nintendo images featuring fairies from the various games
(Gathered thanks to sites like Zelda Europe and Zelda Dungeon)

Adventure of Link

A healing fairy

Link, Zelda, and a healing fairy

A Link to the Past

A healing fairy

Ocarina of Time

Young Link and Navi

Young Link, Zelda, and Navi

Young Link, Navi, and the Great Deku Tree

Young Link and Navi, fighting Deku Babas

Adult Link and Navi, playing the ocarina

Adult Link, Navi, and Epona, riding through Hyrule Field

Adult Link, Navi, and Shiek playing music

Adult Link, Navi, and Shiek fighting monsters

Ocarina of Time poster with main character cast

Oracle of Ages/Seasons

Stray Fairy

Four Swords

Great Fairy of Ice

Great Fairy of Forest

Great Fairy of Flame

A Broken Fairy

Healing Fairy

Phantom Hourglass

Link and Ciela

Link, Ciela, and Linebeck

Link, Linebeck, and angry Ciela

Skyward Sword

Bottled Healing Fairy