Here lies all of the old updates for this fansite.

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  _December 8, 2005 
>_____<;;; It's the end of the year already? And all of the actual updates only took place in the first two months? I'm so ashamed. ;_; But thankfully, Emi of DoubleNegative has come to the rescue! ^-^ She has made two gorgeous banners, which are now listed on the Links page. I also made a new Navi sprite... Santa Navi! ^^; You can adopt her here.

  _July 5th, 2005 
>_< Mreeeeeh. I dropped this shrine faster than a flaming sack of potatoes, didn't I? I'm sorry for the utter lack of updates. I'll try working on some new sprites, including Navi emo-cons. I have a funny idea for one where Navi turns red and starts freaking out at you. ^^; Maybe I'll work on that one first. Anyway, Links has been updated, and I hope everyone had a good weekend. ^-^

  _February 26, 2005 
Squee~! Guardian is one-year old today! ^_^ *throws confetti* I can't believe it's been a year already... but hey, on with the presents! XD First, I've made this lovely but cheezy Navi celebration sprite, which you can see above and also adopt for your very own, here. I also have a new article dedicated to what Google thinks of Navi. And since it's February and all its pink-ness, I have some healing fairy related articles as well. There's the Healing Fairy History page, which lists how the healing fairies have changed over the years, and also in Color-Coded Fairies there's a new entry for why it was a good idea to make the healing fairies pink. Last but not least, there's been some new official art posted here. Happy birthday Guardian!!

  _February 5, 2005 
Lots of updates today! ^_^ Let's see... I have added corresponding pictures to KGF to ease the wordiness; included more thank-yous in Site Credits; updated Music with a new song (Zelda Rabbit Joint Cover); and oh yeah! There's a new section in Extras called Fairy Adoptables! Can you guess what it's about? C'mon, you can do it! Here, I'll have this guy help you out...

*grins evilly* Anyway, that's about it for now. I actually have a lot more to add, but all that sprite editing made me tired. Ugh, and I still need to make some for that Navi vs. Skullkid article. ;_; If anyone out there (who makes sprites) would like to make some little characters to help decorate this article, my eyes and I would be very appreciative. :D

  _January 17, 2005 
WOOO!!! New layout! XD I am SO happy with how this turned out! And best part is, it works great in IE & FireFox, and hopefully in the other browsers too! ^__^! Actually, the real best part is that I drew this entire thing myself freehand in PSP7 in one night. Hurray for insomnia! ^.^

Anyway, just in case you didn't understand my little riddle, ya gotta click the pink fairies to get to the different sections. I also fixed the transparent-challenged sprites, have a new page called Layouts for... potatoes, cleaned the updates page, and am now going to get something to eat. Ta!

  _January 12, 2005 
Made two new banners and am working on a new section.

  _January 3, 2005 
Happy new year!! ^_^ -throws confetti-
First update of the year is a new article about the Kokiri's guardian fairies, and... that's it. Heh. ^^; Ah well. With my new resolution and sweet junk food on the line, you can be sure to see more updates. ^_^'