Here lies all of the old updates for this fansite.

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  _December 20, 2004 
Guardian has another new affiliate, and I doubt I'll work on that article til after Christmas. Happy Holidays!

  _November 29, 2004 
New affiliate! ^-^ I also made some more banners for Guardian, and still no sign of that new article.

  _November 11, 2004 
....Okay, so I haven't actually started working on that new article. Although I did get some new ideas from playing WindWaker, and it does involve what the first article was about, so maybe I'll get off my lazy bum and actually write it. Either way, we have a new affiliate, and new members for the fanlisting. ^_^

  _November 1, 2004 
Aiieeee! My fanlisting for Navi has been approved by! ^__^ Yatta~! ...but that's all that is new at the moment. ^^; I'm working on a new article for Info, and should have it ready in a few days. But 'till then, go to the fanlisting and join! Be proud of your Navi fandom and show the online community your appreciation! And if you're in the USA, don't forget to vote tomorrow! The future of America depends on it!

  _October 13, 2004 
Oh my, updates for three days in a row? Something's not right here! xD Anyway, I went ahead and uploaded the Navi Fanlisting. No, it hasn't been approved by, but I really hope it will be soon. I also made a splash page for Guardian, since both the shrine and fanlisting share the same name. Because I think the word "guardian" rocks. And I'm too lazy to think up a new name. ^^; Anyway, here be the splash page, and here be the fanlisting. ^-^

  _October 12, 2004 
New affiliate! DoubleNegative has joined the party. ^_^

  _October 11, 2004 
Lots more content up today! ^-^ First the big stuff: I have added to the Info page Navi or Skullkid, a debate article for who Link was looking for when he ventured into the Lost Woods in Majora's Mask's opening. Lots of evidence, lots of official stuff, and minor Skullkid bashing. ^^; I think you know who I supported... xP

I also added a Music page to More! I've been collecting mp3s that relate to the fairy and forest music in the games, and finally got enough to make a page for it. Enjoy listening! ^-^

Finally, I added two new pictures to the Official Art page, and one new Fanart. It's not really new, as I did it a few months ago, but... damn that page is empty! Anyone got fairy fanart? 'cause you can totally send it in and I'll put it up. More info on the Fanart page, and that's basically it for this update. Still no word on the Fanlisting.... Maybe I'll just start the fanlisting now, and if I get accepted, then add in the "official" stuff...

  _October 2, 2004 
I drew a new pic for the layout (see right), finished writing the Navi bio, fixed a crap load of spelling errors all over the site, and basically updated every page in the Info section. I'm also working on a lot of new content, which I honestly will update with soon.

I signed up to host the Official Navi fanlisting, which I should hopefully be able to get. I mean, Ocarina has been out for how many years now, and Navi still doesn't have a fanlisting? C'mon, you guys can't hate her that much, right! Right? Well anyway, more content on the way. Stay tuned, fairy fans, stay tuned...

  _June 10, 2004 
Ha, where does the time go... Anyway, new tiny updates. I've finally filled the Art's screenshot page with screenshots, and they can be seen here. Of course, since I have no good screenshot-taking technology, I had to borrow from big fancy sites like ign. Please don't be mad.
-_- Also, I've added a new fan art pic of mine and took out the old one since it sucked. Really bad. But this new one is much better. And to wrap this up, I also updated the site credits page. See ya!

  _February 26, 2004 
Well, the site is finally up! 'bout time, too. Anyway, I know it's a little small right now, but I swear I have lots of content just waiting to be organized and uploaded. Seriously. So there should be some new updates soon. As always, if you have any comments, please write it on my guestbook as I've taken down my email due to spam.