Why Navi?

I first played Ocarina of Time in 1998, when I was twelve years old and I loved it. From the world to the characters; the mythos and everything else. Next to Link, my favorite character was Navi. I always liked the fairies in Link's Awakening, and Navi brought my idea of them to life. Navi was smart and helpful, cute, and always stuck by Link no matter how scary Hyrule became. It seemed like such a cool and comforting thing to have a fairy companion -- I wanted one too, haha!

Although I had always liked the Zelda games, I had never looked into the online fandom until years later. Discovering the widespread hatred for Navi was....disheartening. And infuriating. Eventually I had had enough, and inspired by other amazing character fan-shrines, decided to make my own. To celebrate Navi, and provide sanctuary to others like me that appreciated her.

Even now, years later, Navi is still a favored character of mine. I honestly can't imagine the Hero of Time without her, and am always hopeful that some future game will provide a hint of what became of her. I still find her "Hey!" and "Look out!" voice clips adorable, and was happy to hear them be reused in Phantom Hourglass for the fairy Ciela. The hate towards Navi doesn't bother me anymore (Plus I guess complaining about her has become old meme), but it makes me smile when I see people online say things like "Actually, I liked Navi!" whenever discussion of her comes up.

Navi and all the other fairies play an important role in Link's life during his journeys, so I am glad to give appreciation for their part, and space for those that enjoy having them in the games. :)