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Character Shrines

  [banner] - For Link (OoT/MM)

  [banner] - For Saria (OoT)

  [banner] - For the Deku (OoT, etc)

  [banner] - For Zelda (OoT, etc)

  [banner] - For Lila (TP)


Zelda Series The Legend of Zelda Adventure of Link A Link to the Past Link's Awakening Ocarina of Time OoT Music Majora's Mask The Wind Waker Twilight Princess Skyward Sword Link Fan Zelda Fan Ganon Fan Link & Epona Fan

Other Sites

  Zelda Dungeon
Massive info & media site, with latest series news

  Zelda Universe
Massive info & media site, with latest series news

  The Desert Colossus
Interesting articles about the Zelda universe, people, and events

  The History of Hyrule
Re-opened, and gathering a collection of Zelda comics and scans

  Zelda Wiki
The Legend of Zelda Wiki

Another Legend of Zelda Wiki

  Legends of Zelda
Great site w/ lots of info

  Zelda Infinite
Has lots of fun stuff, including music and manga

  Zelda Power
Info, media, interviews, and more

Check your facts, folks, otherwise you'll be...

  Zelda Comic
There was no second thing - Just a first and a third thing