Layout Archive

I work hard on my layouts, and even though they may not be as awesome or complicated as other sites' layouts, I'm still proud of them. So here are Guardian's past and current layouts, along with info because I ♥ typing. =)

Version 3: Forest Haven


used: July 2012 +

After a very long update drought, I decided to make a new layout in time for the Ocarina of Time 3DS release in June 2011. However I never got around to uploading it until a year later, ahaha ugh. The coding was upgraded as well, from the past html/iframe to PHP and CSS, as well rewriting most of the old content. The header image was drawn by me in GIMP, and the fansite now houses the fanlisting section as well.

Version 2: Safe Haven


used: January 2005 to June 2012

The main image was drawn by me in PSP7, and is a replica of the fairy fountains found in Ocarina of Time. I spent maybe 8 hours on it, and was quite proud. ^_^ The layout used image mapping for navigation (the pink fairies were the links), as well as an iframe for the main content window.

Version 1: A Light in the Dark


used: February 2004 to January 2005

First layout, and lasted almost a year. I originally had a different drawing of Navi as the layout image, but it was horrid so I drew a new one some months later. Oddly though, you can still find the original drawing on Google. o_0' This layout used image mapping for navigation (Navi and her sparkle trail were the links), and an iframe for the main content window.


Version 1: one + one = duo


used: October 2004 to June 2012

"One boy with a destiny...   ...One fairy to guide him." what is written on the top screenshot header (image used from Ocarina of Time). The Navi image to the right was drawn by me in PSP7. The fanlisting was created eight months after the fansite, and so was given a separate section and layout. This layout used tables and an iframe for the main content window.