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 Color resizing test

Today's Gimp practice involved manga coloring and the effects of resizing. The subject was Naruto from one of the not-so-recent Shippuden chapters, with some poorly drawn clouds in the background. The left image is the original/full-sized image, while the upper right one is 50% resized and the lower right is 100x100 pixel resized.

I kinda like how the 50% resized image looks color wise, although some of the lineart is a little too jagged for my liking. Although I guess they're kinda jagged/sharp in the original size, too. :/ However I don't like how the 100x100 icon turned out. A lot of the coloring/shading details are lost/too blurred to notice, and the lineart is too unfocused in some areas and almost too sharp in others. Plus it really looks like the color could use some more vibrancy or curves adjustments. Usually when I color manga icons, I resize it first and then color, like in these:

There's still some sharp lineart problems, but color-wise it seems good I think. I guess all of my sprite work has made me more anal about tiny details though. I suppose when making manga icons I'll continue my resize-then-color method then.

For regular picture coloring though, I think I'll keep trying the color-then-resize method. However the result might be different when the canvas is really big. I still need to practice drawing lineart using paths though, so that'll be for next time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008 - 5:28 pm 
Music: Skeleton Song - Kate Nash 
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 practice practice practice

Despite more pressing obligations, I'm making it my goal right now to do some sort of drawing/sketching for at least an hour every day. To help with this, I am also making it my goal to master eating with my left hand. So far it's been going okay. I've mostly been drawing faces/heads and Gaara in my sketchbook, and practicing lineart and coloring/blending in Gimp. I think it's still going to be a while before I attempt a real project, but that's the whole point of practicing. If I want to make art like those on DeviantART with the beautiful smooth lineart and gorgeous coloring and shading that makes you feel something when you see it, which I really do, then I'm gonna have to continue this basic training until I got it down.

For now, here are my tool notes so I don't forget. ^^;

* Manga coloring/making lineart background transparent: Make image color RBG (Image: Mode - RBG), then do 'color to alpha' (Layer: Transparency - Color to Alpha) and have it match the current background color (ie, white). Make a new layer under the lineart layer, and paint/bucket fill it white or whatever background color. Transparency Lock lineart layer.

* Base coloring is best with large circle paintbrush and no pressure sensitivity. Shading should use medium-small circle brushes with pressure sensitivity: opacity and hardness checked. Blending said shading should use the base and current shading colors; lower the brush opacity as needed. Don't rush. :(

* When drawing lineart, the canvas should be three times as big as what the finished product size should be. Best lineart brush seems to be the Circle (03), 5x5 paintbrush. The lineart is still kinda jaggedy, but it looks better at resized -3x than at -2x. Line thickness variation should be done manually or by increasing/decreasing brush size, not changing brushes. Whether the finished lineart canvas should be resized before or after coloring has yet to be decided. :s

.....I guess that's all for now.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 - 11:25 pm 
Music: All We Are - OneRepublic 
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 It's not a very convincing tree

' title=

Despite making some progress in better understanding my latest expired trial of OpenCanvas, I had recently downloaded GIMP. Mostly because it can actually save files, which as an insanely slow drawer, is a must need when print-screening the project into PSP7 just doesn't cut it. So far I like the program; the brushes aren't as easy to customize as in OC, but it recognizes my tablet well enough, the coloring is nice, and the many additional tools are pretty cool. I'm having trouble making lineart look nice though. Aside from a horrid-looking Gaara and some Avatar characters that I didn't bother to save, the (resized) tree trunk shown above is my best result in the program so far. =/

I've been reading through tutorials for GIMP, but the few I've come across concerning lineart usually say to use the paths tool (which I don't want to use) or gloss over the brush details. I just want to know how to make lineart look awesome like her's, where it's varied in width and boldness without looking ugly-pixel-blurry like. Maybe it's more of a personal style thing than a secret brush technique? I'm drawing on big canvases like everyone says to, but shouldn't lineart still look nice on smaller canvases? I guess I just need to keep practicing and mess with the brush settings until something works out. .....I guess I'll post the result here next time? :o This blog may not be abandoned yet!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 - 8:52 pm 
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 Soaring Lizards

This is the last of the saved test entries. Not that it really matters, but it's pretty sad that it took almost a year for me to write 6 real entries. I had high hopes for this place, way back when. Maybe I am just the type who starts things and then moves on once it's able to stand. But that's a cheap cop-out excuse isn't it? Maybe I haven't made as much personal progress as I thought I had. Suppose that means I'll have to actually try working on it this time around, instead of just hoping I'll eventually become better. :| I guess that's why it hasn't worked out that well so far.

I suppose there's a lot I could talk about, but I think I'll spend this entry talking about the nature surrounding my house. Mostly because it inspired today's doodle? Well, preview of said doodle anyway. I drew it in OpenCanvas and since I have a new trial and can actually save my drawings, I'm gonna keep working on it for a while. I kind of like how it's coming out, so I want to polish it up more so I can confidently post it on my art page. Drawing in OpenCanvas is pretty nice, although I am definitely missing the Smudge/Retouch tool from Paint Shop Pro 7. OC has a similar tool called Spread but it's not nearly as effective. Plus it makes the colors darker and I haven't figured out how to stop that yet.

Anyway, on to nature. There are a ton of gold dust day geckos (yeah, like the Geico gecko) living around my house, and they're pretty cool. There's one gecko that's almost like a pet so my family named him Rex (actually the gecko's probably a girl but we refer to her as a him anyway.) We feed him little cockroaches when we find 'em and he always comes up to us when we go outside. He's even ridden on my hand a couple of times, and is just the most adorable thing. ^^ I really should take some photos some time. A couple of months ago there started to be a lot of these dinosaur-like lizards hanging around, but so far it seems like them and the geckos are co-existing well enough. They're kinda scary looking though, especially since some of them are almost twice the size of the geckos. But there's this one greenish-yellow lizard that I often see and I'm pretty sure it's the same one. I usually see it climbing up the latis and sitting on the top rail(?) in the same area -- just looking up at the sky or down at me and the other geckos. Haha, it's kind of weird but cool too. It reminds me of the pokemon Bagon, except this lizard doesn't leap off trying to fly. Well, maybe not yet anyway. ^^;

Friday, April 18, 2008 - 10:42 pm 
Music: The Promise and the Threat - Evans Blue 
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Things have been moving so much lately, and I just wanted to write here. The light blue in this layout reminds me of Pitas' lavender color, and whenever I was feeling down and wanted to type I went there and it helped me feel better. This song is wonderfully helpful as well, I wish I discovered Death Cab For Cutie sooner. I'm sure I would have loved listening to it back in high school. The only problem with writing here, though, is that this is suppose to be a sketch blog. Which means I'm suppose to sketch or color something before writing here. That kind of sucks. I think I'll change that rule, and just make it a part-time doodle blog or something. I hate it when I make rules only to later dislike them because it's too constraining. And yet I seem to do it all the time. -_-;

I don't actually have too much to say right now though. I could be spending this time working on updates for DH, or at least watching the Avatar season 3 premiere episode again. But.... I just can't seem to concentrate on it. I guess I'm worried that I don't have a place there like I used to. I would like to watch a movie though, but by the time it finished it would be quite late and I'm trying to go to sleep earlier now. So I guess I just have time to waste until I'm ready to shut the computer down. =| Maybe I'll go take a walk.

Saturday, September 22, 2007 - 10:31 pm 
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