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I thought it would be dustier in here, but I guess it seemed longer than two months. Perhaps because I have made a new art/sketch blog and have been updating it rather regularly. I had been debating making one at LiveJournal for a while, and eventually the idea of starting anew and having 15 new icons to use won me over. (Ah noes, it's the Pitas departure all over again!)

While I did spend quite a bit of time learning and fixing the blog code so I could even do all this here, and while I did like posting entries here, it's obvious to all of us how little I posted here. This blog has been running for three years now, and yet I only have 19 posts? For shame. The LJ art blog has been up for almost two months and already has 30 entries. For whatever reason, it's just easier to update there than here.

So what will become of this blog? I'm not sure. I'll leave it up, of course, but beyond that it'll probably just sit, like everything else. =/ I encourage ya'll to visit my new art blog though, it's updated every week.

Friday, June 25, 2010 - 10:28 am 
Music: Weatherman - +44 
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Still practicing with the Ink tool in GIMP, and it's starting to look kinda nice. ^^ I'm feeling more comfortable using it to draw lineart now (along with sketching in general because it flows so much nicer than the Paintbrush tool~♥) but I'm not sure if it's faster than the Paths tool yet. I'm sure my Stopping Every Ten Minutes 'Cause I've Gotten Kinda Bored habit isn't impeding the progress at all though, oh no.

For the note, this is from a Legend of Zelda piece I've been working on, which has been wonderfully helpful in taking my mind off more stressful things. Although drawing in general has been really helpful. It's funny, but I keep forgetting this fact. I'll waste so many hours being stressed and upset over something, only to finally get around to drawing and be like, "Ffff, why didn't I start this sooner?" *sour scrunchy face* Same with writing, too. It's like I need to carry a post-it note listing things that I enjoy because otherwise I'll forget it. So dumb. -_-;

Saturday, April 17, 2010 - 10:26 pm 
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 New Tools

I recently discovered that my GIMP paint program has an Ink tool, despite having it for such a long time. I usually draw my lineart with the Paths tool, which gives great control over the line direction, but is time consuming to set up. I've been wanting to try drawing my lineart freehand, but the Paintbrush tool isn't too good for that. So I was exploring the various tool options when I found it!

The Ink tool is awesome for drawing lineart freehand because the lines are always nice and crisp, and the line width changes depending on the tablet pressure! It's quite amazing. I know this is like Adobe Photoshop 101, but I've never used a feature like this before. The downside though is that it really shows my unsteady hand. That and I have no idea where the thick lines/thin lines are supposed to go. ^^; Hopefully it'll become less noticeable with more practice. Speaking of which, today's is above. (after, like, two dozen re-draws. ^^; )

I've been working on some other sketches and fanart ideas, but they've been slow-going and are now on hold until I decide whether to draw the lineart with Paths like before, or wait until I get better with Ink.

Sunday, January 31, 2010 - 10:58 pm 
Music: Breath Me - Sia 
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 Actual progress? Go figure.

It's kind of hard to believe, but that Naruto fanart project I mentioned twice before in the past here? Yeah, that picture is officially finished. Technically it seems I finished the coloring back in April, but today I tweaked the colors and flattened/saved it, so I'm counting it as finished now. The preview's above, but you can see the full-size version here. :)

Unlike the previous previews of that pic here, in the end I decided to make Naruto more gray-ish because it made him stand out more from the tails, and I thought it looked nicer/more interesting as well. Here's a preview of the original coloring though, with him still orange:

Hm, maybe the too-dark shading for him was a problem with it as well? Well, whatever. I'm just glad to have this finally done. ^_^ I don't know if I'll ever continue with the rest of this lyric/fanart project, but I still like the idea, so maybe. It's something to think about if/when I get stuck on the Zelda fanart project. Speaking of which, I finished the first pic for that project too. :D It was rather easy and kind of a silly pic though. I think I'll share it when I get further along with the second pic in that series, though. I guess that's it for now. ^^

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - 11:34 pm 
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I haven't been here in such a long time. Not that it matters much, though. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I'm going to be 24 in seven weeks, and my situation in life hasn't really changed at all since this time last year. It hasn't gotten worse, which is pretty good, but.. stand-stills aren't particularly good either.

A conversation prompt today reminded me of something that I've always felt drawn to in regards to life careers and such -- working for Nintendo of America. My interests and attention has always drifted between a variety of things, but that one job idea has never faded, only coated in dust. It's not particularly realistic however; I live in the wrong state, and I lack the higher education and related work experience needed to apply. I don't have any family or friends living in the state either, and lack the funds to afford college and a place to live there as well. Hell, I'm not sure I would move even if I could afford it. As much as I think of myself as being a lone worker and taking care of things myself, being so far away from family seems terribly frightening. So where does that leave me? Right where I've always been, I suppose. I guess I'll take another look at my surroundings though; maybe there are opportunities here that I haven't noticed yet.

In other, less depressing news, what have I been doing art-wise? Well, aside from spriting and not watercoloring, I've started a new little fanart project. (Great use of my time, I know.) I read a Legend of Zelda story that really revived my creative juices, so it's surrounding that story while also being used as practice for vanishing-line/perspective angles. Hopefully this project will fare better than my previous projects (this entry's title image included), and will actually get finished. I'm trying to keep the details simple and draw quickly (well, quicker than my usual turtle speed), so, hopefully.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - 12:37 am 
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