Why Avatar?

I've had my eye on this show ever since I saw a short commercial for it back in early January 2005. The art style, I think, is what originally caught my interest. Although I was a little leery at first (I mean, I don't exactly fit into the target demographic), I eagerly awaited the premiere. And after watching it, I gotta say that I absolutely loved it.

The characters were interesting, the backgrounds and character designs beautiful, the voices matched well, very few cheesy lines/continuity errors, the music was lovely, and the plot was intriguing. Over all, I found the pilot to be very impressive. Which is great, since in my experience most first episodes don't live up to the hype. ^^; What more, the episodes that followed didn't disappoint, nor went down in quality. It stayed fresh and got even better.

I didn't originally plan on making a fansite for the show, but after watching the pilot's encore presentation, I knew I was hooked. Once I figured how the layout should look, everything sort of fell into place. Although I kept debating with myself whether or not I should actually launch the site, I never stopped working on it. And a week later on Feb. 28, '05, I uploaded the site. It's been up ever since, and I am deeply proud of it. ^-^

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a great show with lots of potential, and so it shouldn't be limited to just its target audience. Everyone should be able to enjoy it without having to worry that they're 'too old'. I guess that's why I decided put this site up - to share information about the show with others, and to prove that if a show is really good, it doesn't matter what your age is.