A list of the dangerous "toys" of the Avatar world.

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Fire Nation

Fire Nation Ballista

A large crossbow-type of weapon found on Fire Navy ships in Book 3: Fire, it can be turned and aimed and loaded with a harpoon-like projectile. After the harpoon is launched and embeds itself into the target, the area below the spear tip opens up and the prong-claw things click down until they're parallel with the tip. Then the harpoon is yanked out thanks to the chain that connects it to the main mechanism; causing greater damage to the target on its way out.

Fire Nation Hammer

A medium-sized sledge hammer that can be used for work or battle. With the help of gravity and momentum, it can easily dent solid steel. The hammer can also be connected to an iron chain, making it a powerful long-distance weapon.

Fire Nation Tanks

Almost unstoppable, the Mechanist of the Northern Air Temple made these badass machines. Inside there's room for three people, one on each side for driving and controlling the grappling hook and a seat in the middle for a Firebender to release attacks outside. The central unit can turn right side up if the tank gets knocked over, but it is weak to water/ice attacks.

Fire Nation War Balloon

This huge hot-air balloon has room for lots of weapons or people, and the strength to carry many heavy objects. A lid on top controls the hot air and levitation. Created by the Mechanist in the Northern Air Temple with help by Sokka.

The YuuYan Archer's Bow

A medium-large recurve bow, which means the ends hook back towards the bow. This gives off more strength and energy when the arrows are shot, which enhances the YuuYan's already legendary precision. The top and bottom halves are identical, and seem to be connected by a different type of material in the middle.

Long Dao Broadsword

A long, slightly curved sword used by some Fire Nation soldiers and also the Blue Spirit ninja. Sword techniques include slashing, parrying, and thrusts that work best when combined with intricate footwork patterns. This particular sword style looks to be a Willow Leaf, which is swift and lightweight.

Fire Nation Sword

The standard long-bladed sword used by Fire Nation soldiers.

Prince Zuko's Catapult

The only one on Zuko's ship; it is stored below deck. When needed, the back deck splits in two and the onager-type catapult is raised up by machinery underneath it.

Fire Navy's Catapult

Multiple trebuchet-type catapults can be found on each Fire Navy ship, especially those that guard the Nation's borders. These detailed catapults have a large dragon head statue at the top of each pillar.

Fire Nation Spear

Mainly used by the non-firebending guards, it's rare to one without the other. This rather simple but not primitive spear has a Partisan style blade. The handle is made of wood, and it breaks easily with enough force.

Another Fire Nation Spear

This spear has a more famous design, and also has a red tuft near the base of the spearhead.

Fire Nation Spears

Found in the old Fire Navy ship in the South Pole; the weapons on the outside are clubs. The inside left is a Fang Tian Hua Ji or a Full Moon spear, while the inside right looks like a modern Naginata.

More Fire Nation Halberds

These were found inside of Commander Zhao's makeshift office tent place in ep 3. From the left, it looks like a Club, Guan-Dao/Hook Spear cross, Guan-Dao, and a Guan-Dao/Crescent-Moon Spear cross.

Assassin's Knife

A long bladed hunting knife with a carefully spaced handle, making for a better grip. Inside the handle is a hollow space for hiding a vial of poison, which can hook onto the cover on the bottom of the handle. That bottom cover has a ring on it, which makes twisting the cover off much easier. This knife is kept by Jet, but he probably got it from the Fire Nation.


Water Nation - Fire Nation - Earth Nation - Pirates

Weapon info thanks to Wikipedia, Shaolin Society (site now closed), and Kishi, among others. Have some contributing info? Please tell me!