A list of the dangerous "toys" of the Avatar world.

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Earth Nation

Twin Tiger-Head Hook Sword

Used by the rebel Jet, these weapons are a marvel. The dagger-blades can be used for stabbing or slashing at close range; the crescent moon guards can block an attack or catch the enemy's weapon; and the hooks can slash at long range, or catch an enemy and/or their weapon. By connecting the two weapons by the hooks, you can double the weapons' attack range.

Bow and Arrows

Used by Longshot, a follower of Jet; this is your average set of bow and arrows. The bow is made of wood with fabric wrapping around the middle, and the arrowheads are wedge-shaped. Of course, Longshot's aim is anything but average. Hence his name. ^^;

Kyoshi Island Fan

This iron fan is sturdy and can even deflect fireballs. Used by the Kyoshi warriors, it also enhances the strength of airbending attacks. Avatar Kyoshi and her future non-bending warriors often use two fans with dead-on accuracy.

Omashu City Bisento

Held by the higher-ranking guards in Omashu, it has a long single blade, an almost-as-long tang to keep it in place, and a wooden handle.

Custom Omashu Polearm

Used by the thin but frightening Omashu fighter in episode five. It has a scythe-like blade attached to a long wooden pole.

Omashu Lochaber Axe Polearm

Held by the large and intimidating Omashu fighter in episode five. Clearly a heavy weapon, it looks like it might be a Lochaber-type blade attached to a long pole.


Water Nation - Fire Nation - Earth Nation - Pirates

Weapon info thanks to Wikipedia, Shaolin Society (site now closed), and Kishi, among others. Have some contributing info? Please tell me!