A list of the dangerous "toys" of the Avatar world.

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Water Nation

Southern Water Tribe

Sokka's Boomerang

Looks to be made out of metal, but I'm not entirely sure. Anyway, not only is it a useful, strong, and lightweight weapon, it is Sokka's most prized possession as it was a gift from his father.

Sokka's Knife

It's a long knife with.... four molars on the bottom of the blade and a leather wrapped handle. No idea whose molars those are though. o_O'

Whale Knife

A large knife made from the tooth of a whale, it has a long handle to help support the tooth's weight. It is one of the weapons brought by the Southern Water Tribe on their voyage to the Earth Kingdom to help fight in the war.

Southern Water Tribe Club

Mostly used by the warriors of the tribe, or in our case, Sokka. The base seems to be made out of wood (there's wood in the arctic?) or bone. Has a leather grip, and the blue sphere is decoration to show its tribal origin.

Southern Water Tribe Spear

Used for warriors in battle and for hunting animals or fish for food. The handle is made of wood, and the spearhead of bone. They're bound together with blue fabric, and also gives added grip to the middle section. A feather or animal fur (possibly from a hamster kitty?) hangs below the spearhead as decoration.

Northern Water Tribe

Northern Water Tribe Axe

An average-sized axe with a blue and white blade and a medium-length white handle.

Northern Water Tribe Spear

Similar to its sister tribe's design, the Northern Tribe's spear is tall and uses a whale's tooth or other material as the spearhead. The handle looks to be made of wood, and a dark blue material wraps around the top. All of these spears are most likely mass-produced to look similar, and seem to be much stronger than the Southern Tribe's spears.


Water Nation - Fire Nation - Earth Nation - Pirates

Weapon info thanks to Wikipedia, Shaolin Society (site now closed), and Kishi, among others. Have some contributing info? Please tell me!