Official Avatar TCG Rulebook


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Page 1

Table of Contents and game overview

Page 2

Explains Strike cards

Page 3

Explains Chamber and Ally cards; and setting up the game

Page 4

Explains Zones and defending

Page 5

Energy, Paying, and Overpaying energy costs

Page 6

Focusing, Opening Attack, basic combat, and turn sequence (Clean up)

Page 7

Turn Sequence (Replenish, Signature Move, Flip); scoring points

Page 8

Scoring Points continued, running out of cards, Payment Powers

Page 9

Further explains Ally and Advantage cards

Page 10

Further explains Advantage (continued) and Chamber cards

Page 11

Chamber Card's Signature Moves explained, Exclusive cards, and Game Terms/Keywords

Page 12

Deckbuilding and card Traits explained

Page 13

Quickstrike system, Frequently Asked Questions

Page 14


Page 15

Booklet/Card game Credits

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