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The mission of this site is to provide quality scans of the Avatar cards, as well as up-to-date info and strategy on the game. Though I cannot do this all by myself, so help is always welcome. :)

DH's TCG guide site was made by me (Jade) and was officially opened on Feb 28, 2006. The character art used in the layout are from the Avatar cards, and were drawn by the many talented people whom are listed on the links page.

This site is a part of Distant Horizon.



Jade     --     Head Webmistress
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I run this place. :) I made the layout, do all of the coding and page writing, and oversee everything else. I'm also really slow at replying, so please don't feel bad if I take a while/forever to get back to you. :x

Awesome People   --   Card Scan Contributors
Individual contact info is listed here

Maybe not technically staff, but Alphonso, Chloe, Crienselt, Eviltallestjac, Grant, Hariah, Komichi, Ky, Preston, Robert, sammy de backer, Sandy, Sarah, Seca, and Stinkymoe earn a spot here for helping fill the card scan gallery. Thanks guys! :D


.....And that's it. Since the Avatar TCG has died down there probably won't be more staff, but if you/someone is interested in writing content for this site, like deck building or card strategizing, you're welcome to apply. Feel free to email me for more info.

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