This site couldn't have been made without the following help. So thank you very much! ^_^

Card Scan Donators

Alphonso      Chloe      Crienselt      Eviltallestjac      Grant      Hariah

Jade      Komichi      Ky      Preston      Robert      sammy de backer

Sandy      Sarah      Seca      Stinkymoe

Coding Help:
Tizag Tutorials  -  for PHP and MySQL
CodeGrrl  -  for PHP and coding help
MySQL  -  for MySQL help
Notepad  -  used to write the pages in
SmartFTP  -  used to upload this site's content

Paint Shop Pro 7  -  to create/modify images in
Vuduberi Studios  -  for making the TCG art, which is used in the layout
DaFont  -  for the fonts used in the layout

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