Helping you make a Website

So, you want to make your own website? Marvelous! It's not a simple thing though, and it requires a lot of time, effort, imagination, and dedication. There are many shortcuts in making a website, but I believe the best way is to learn it from the roots. That way if something goes wrong, you have a better idea on how to fix it. Plus, everything won't look like it's written in a foreign language. =P

To learn about basic html (the coding which makes up a website), I suggest you check out the following websites. They're rather easy to understand and very helpful for those just starting out.

There are many many more html help sites out there, but these five are my personal favorites. Some are easier to understand than others, so if one site doesn't suit your needs, try another! Also, learning html takes time to fully understand, so if you don't get it at first, don't give up! Take a break, then try again. =)

Once you have a better understanding of how to make a website, and especially what you want on your website, then it's time to find a host. There are many places that give free hosting, but the downside is that there are pop-up ads. Another choice is to buy your own domain, but that can be costly so be sure you're serious before putting down the money. Some free hosts include:

After you understand basic html, and have found a place to host your site, next comes the content and layout. How do you want your layout to look like? What colors do you want to use, and do you want any pictures on your layout? These are questions you should be asking your self. Before I make any layout, I always draw it out on a piece of paper first. That helps me figure out the placement of where the text should be, the navigation links, and the layout pictures. It's also good because it gives you a rough visual of how it will look, which means you can keep changing it until you're satisfied with how it looks.

It also gives you an idea of what type of html it will require in order to work. Will it be in tables, or frames, div positioning, or maybe an image map? Or perhaps something more complex, like with javascript? It all depends on how much html you know or are willing to search for, and also on your imagination for how the layout should look. After all, it's going to be for your website; it should reflect you or what you like, or what your site represents. =)

Another thing to remember is that layouts will look differently depending on the individual computer screen resolutions. A layout that fits perfectly inside a 1024x768 screen resolution will be squished or might overlap in 800x600 and smaller resolutions, and may repeat or not fit together properly in much larger resolutions. The trick is to make the layout look best in the more popular resolutions (800x600 and 1024x768), but also so that it will look & work okay in bigger resolutions. Not very many people still use the 640x480 resolutions, but even still, you want the layout to at least be somewhat coherent in that resolution too. Yeah, because there are many screen resolutions that people can choose to use, you have to make sure that the layout will work for as many people as you can. Otherwise, you could end up excluding a number of people from visiting because the site is too complicated or annoying to navigate.

As for using backgrounds and images for your layout, you can either make your own, or borrow them from others. There are many sites that give backgrounds and stuff away for free (although it's common courtesy to give a link back to them). But mostly, it's good to have a paint program of sorts to make/edit images in. I use Paint Shop Pro 7, but there are many other paint programs too. Although most of the good ones cost money in order to use them without limit. However you may be able to download a free trial, which you can use to see how the program works and whether or not you want to buy it. Some paint programs include:

Jasc's Paint Shop Pro
Adobe Photo Shop

However, if editing images and making layouts isn't your cup of tea, there are many websites out there that make layouts and webgraphics for free. However, the kind of layout you want depends on your site. But here are some very nice layout sites, mostly anime, video game, or nature related. ^-^

Hopefully, some of this information will be of use to you. If not, well, I tried. ^^; Anyway, I wish you lots of good luck and thanks for stopping by! ^_^