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Somewhere between bloopers and conspiracy theories lies the place for interesting finds and easter eggs hidden in the show. Have you found something that could be listed? Tell me! ^_^

In-Show Easter Eggs  -  Avatar Cameos in Other Shows/Etc.

The Legend of Korra
Book 1: Air

Avatar: The Last Airbender
Book 1: Water   ||   Book 2: Earth   ||   Book 3: Fire

A full list of what is currently posted and links to the entries is below.

The Legend of Korra

Book 1: Air
1x01 : Gran Gran's farewell
1x01 : Legacy ATLA statues (Aang & Toph)
1x01 : Feathered Hat Man Sightings (4)
1x02 : Newspaper sneak peeks (Tahno & Tarrlok)
1x01 & 02 : Similarities to Disney's Aladdin
1x03 : Legacy ATLA statue (Zuko)
1x03 : Wang Fire's beard reincarnated
1x03 : Mako's Batman origin similarity
1x03 : Triple Threat/Korra destructive parallel
1x03 : Flying table discontinuity
1x03 : Feathered Hat Man sightings (3)
1x03 : Blue Lady returns
1x04 : Feathered Hat Man sighting (1)
1x04 : Equalist/Task Force visual parallel
1x05 : Pabu's outfit continuity
1x05 : Feathered Hat Man sightings (3)
1x05 : Massive Protestor meetups
1x06 : Equalist power glove's Iron Man similarity
1x06 : Chief Beifong's got Spider-Man moves
1x07 : Legacy ATLA statue (Cabbage Man)
1x07 : Feathered Hat Man sighting (1)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book 1: Water
0x00 : Opening Credits Bender Identities
1x03 : Avatar Roku & Dragon shaped clouds
1x04 : Sokka's sewed-up pants continuity
1x08 : Dragon-shape in Firebending attack
1x08 : Avatar Roku/Indiana Jones visual reference
1x10 : Aang co. do Charlie's Angels pose
1x11 & 12 : Sokka's foreshadowing
1x12 : Princess Azula's sneak appearance
1x17 : Fire Nation drill design sneak peek
1x19 : Pakku makes a reference to SpongeBob
1x20 : Sokka+Yue/Haku+Chihiro visual reference
1x20: Iroh & Zuko dialogue revisited (1x01)

Book 2: Earth
2x04 : Blue Spirit mask on cart
2x04 : Katara's crown (1x13) returns
2x05 : More of Sokka's foreshadowing
2x07 : Zuko almost steals food from Hope family (2x12)
2x07 : Azula's doll and Toph share hair/headband style
2x10 : Library statue looks like Spirit Crane (1x20)
2x10 : Lionturtle (3x19) first seen in Library scroll
2x14 : Sneak peek of mugger from Iroh's Tale (2x15)
2x20 : Katara+Aang/Pietà statue visual reference
2x20 : Aang & Katara's first meeting visual parallel

Book 3: Fire
3x01 : Jin and Hope family shown in Ba Sing Se scene
3x04 : Lion Turtle statues seen in Piandao's castle
3x04 : Toph makes Nickelodeon logo in space earth
3x07 : Background lady wears same Toph outfit
3x07 : Ember Island Players' dragon poster
3x07 : Monkey statue (1x09, 1x13) returns
3x08 : Old woman's face on cabbage
3x08 : Fire Navy prisoner (1x02) visual parallel
3x09 : Toph's fashion twin (3x07) returns
3x13 : Sun Warrior origin for Katara's crown
3x13 : Dance statues are like in 1st Avatar video game
3x13 : More Indiana Jones references
3x16 : Inside joke regarding Katara's mother's name
3x17 : Avatar play poster uses Book 1: Water boxset cover
3x17 : Aang's hat is like Dock/Xu's hat (3x03)
3x17 : Fem!Aang nod to women VAs and Peter Pan plays
3x17 : Buff guy!Toph nod to original character design
3x17 : Nod to "unclear" Jet death scene (2x17)
3x17 : EIP!Ty Lee and Mai do Charlie's Angels pose
3x17 : Nod to Jack DeSena's Sokka characterization
3x18 : Avatar Opening credits/Captain Planet reference
3x18 : General Shinu (1x13) returns
3x20 : Ozai firebends like city statue (3x07)
3x20 : Aang uses Gaara's sand sphere move?
3x21 : Avatar energy light beam redux (1x01)
3x21 : Writing in the Water
3x21 : Love and Peace?
3x21 : Sokka's painting mirrors EIP!Zuko & Toph poster

In-Show Easter Eggs  -  Avatar Cameos in Other Shows/Etc.