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Layout Version 8

Name: Hazy Republic
Lasted: April 16 '12 - ?
Comments: A new layout for the Legend of Korra premiere, albeit a few days late. The main image is official art of Downtown Station in Republic City from Korra Nation Tumblr, with the tile background made by me. Images were made/modified in GIMP and html written in Notepad. The site is still rocking iframes, although I would love to upgrade it to PHP. day.

Layout Version 7

Name: Travel On
Lasted: July 14 '08 - April 16 '12
Comments: Finished in time for the final Avatar episodes, this layout is 'full circle' for this website and so it is very similar to the first DH layout, design wise. Thankfully this layout looks much better than the old one, which is just one more example of how I and this site have grown since it began 3+ years ago. =3 What a ride it's been. The background image is from "The Boiling Rock" episode with colors modified by me, and the characters are from the mid Book 3 episodes. All screenshots are from because I was feeling lazy and their caps rock. <3 Images were modified in PSP7 and html written in Notepad.

Layout Version 6

Name: Fire Nation Nights
Lasted: June 27 '07 - July 13 '08
Comments: With Book: Fire on the horizon, it's only right to have Fire Nation themed layouts. Unfortunately though, there hasn't been too many shots of the Fire Nation so far. ^^; So the main image comes from the Fire Nation festival in ep. 16 from Book: Water. There's also a little Puppet Ozai on the bottom of the navigation bar. Images were modified in PSP7, and html written in Notepad.

Layout Version 5

Name: Honored Guest
Lasted: Nov 3 '06 - June 26 '07
Comments: What I really love about this layout is how malleable it is. It's so easy to add decorations and color filters to change the time of day or season, and even without the extras it still looks nice and classic. Ba Sing Se is deceptively beautiful. The layout image is from and is of Aang's temporary home in Ba Sing Se during Book: Earth. It was modified in PSP7, and html was written in Notepad.

Layout Version 4

Name: Earthly Spring
Lasted: Mar 17 '06 - Oct 29 '06
Comments: I've always liked this image of the giant stone statues in a grassy valley. They kind of look like Samurai helmets, but would that make them Fire Nation? What are they doing in the Earth Kingdom? Spring is the season of new beginnings, but not the season of answering questions. =/ Layout wise, it's exactly the same as the previous Winter Layout. I like this format -- it's easy to change and looks good in many screen resolutions and browsers. I'll probably continue to use it. Image is from this official wallpaper, modified in PSP7, and html written in Notepad.

Layout Version 3

Name: We've Come a Long Way
Lasted: Dec 1 '05 - Mar 17 '06
Comments: It's been quite a year. ^^; Since most of Book One was about the gang getting to the North Pole, it was only right that this winter layout should show their success. The main layout screenshot is from episode 18, while the screens in the top banner are from eps 2, 3, 7, 9, 15, & 18. This layout uses frames; all images were modified in Paint Shop Pro 7 and html written in Notepad.

Layout Version 2

Name: Fiery Summer
Lasted: May 31 '05 - Dec 1 '05
Comments: I've had this layout planned since I saw the end of "Imprisoned"; the episode from which the main image for this layout is from. It just fit an underlying theme of the show so perfectly; a race against time that stops at Summer's End. And that's the inspiration for this layout. Overall it took a while to make; lots of image and coding problems. ^^; Especially the main image's right side, which I had to reproduce since it wasn't a part of the original screenshot. But, it was all worked out, so yay. ^-^ Images were made/modified in PSP7, html written in Notepad. (the text on the bottom left reads "The world's fate is sealed by the Fiery Summer's End", which is not a quote from the show.)

Layout Version 1

Name: Distant Horizon
Lasted: Feb 28 '05 - May 31 '05
Comments: Hmm, this only took a few days to make. Although deciding how it should look took much longer. ^^; But once I figured it out, everything fell into place and it was rather easy, if not time-consuming. The landscape image (which is of Maui) was taken by Photodisc Green of The character images are screenshots from eps 1 and 2 that I took with my digital camera. All of the images were modified in Paint Shop Pro 7, and html written in Notepad. This layout used tables, div positioning, and iframes.

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