A list of notable items and stuff from the Avatar World.

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Other Stuff

Haru's Money Box

Well, it's really Haru's mother's box, but still. It's a lovely handcrafted wooden box that holds their money. A decorative metal clasp keeps it closed, and has an engraved image on the inside cover of a parent and child holding hands near a tree with a long flowing cloud. Beautiful.

Time-Telling Candles

Made by the Mechanist at the Northern Air Temple, these candles have spark powder placed inside the wick. The amount of sparks that go off will tell how many hours it is past noon. So if 4 sparks go off, you could say that it is "4 o'Candle". ^-^;

Earth Kingdom Crown

Found by Momo in an old abandoned Earth Kingdom city in the northwestern region. Perhaps there was a royal family living there long ago...


A rare flower that grows on the rim of Mt. Mahaku in the northern Earth Kingdom. Partly because of the difficulty to reach it, it is usually given as a sign of true love. Aww.

Katara's Flower Necklace

Made from fishing line and a flower, Aang made this for Katara since her other necklace was lost. However, Katara only wore it for the first 2-3 scenes in the ep she received it.

Katara's Homemade Hat

A creative hat made with love by Katara for Jet. Looks to be entirely organic. However Aang ends up wearing the hat in the scene after it's introduced, so Jet never receives it. Probably only lasted a day anyway.

Aang's Conical Hat

Aang traded some nuts for this hat back in Haru's village in episode 6. Aang really liked this hat, and although he hasn't worn it since, it's presumed that he still has it. Somewhere.

Smoke Pellets

Used by the pirates in episode nine. Exploding on impact, they created large smokescreens to confuse and distract their enemy/victim, giving the pirates the advantage to either attack or escape.

Decorative Shoulder Mount

As worn by the large Omashu fighter in the fifth episode. Wearing one over each shoulder, they were held in place by two thick black straps that cris-crossed over his upper torso.

Dragon Face Belt Buckle

Similar to the shoulder mount and worn by the same fighter, except this dragon face has pupils and no horns. The nose is also slightly different. Anyway, It's worn as a large but decorative belt buckle.


As seen in episode Seven; which was inside a village that was attacked by the Hei Bai spirit. This lovely 7-story pagoda windchime has a low haunting tune.


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