Here are some of the known people and places that Haru grew up with.





His name is Tyro and he is a strong earthbender. Haru has only praise for this man, as he is well known for his courage. He is also constantly thinking of others before himself; making sure that those in need are taken care of first. When the Fire Nation came to occupy their village, Tyro led the earthbenders to fight against them despite being outnumbered 10-to-1. The Fire Nation won, and he and the other earthbenders were taken away. They haven't been heard from for 5 years. After Katara & co help the imprisoned earthbenders escape from the prison rig, Tyro leads them to take back their villages.


Haru's mother


Left alone to raise Haru along with taking care of their family shop and house chores, Haru's mother has a lot on her mind. She is tired, worried, and doesn't have the will to fight back anymore. She disapproves of Haru using his earthbending since the Fire Nation arrived and took away her husband, and has no earthbending skills of her own.




Haru's home

Haru's home

Far above the ocean but still within viewing distance of it, Haru and his family lived in a small community on the countryside above the village. Haru's house is in the center, with their barn behind it. You can see some of their crop fields on the side of the hill.




This is where Haru practiced his earthbending once the Fire Nation settled in and outlawed his bending art. This large dried-up riverbed is located inside a forest outside of his village, a perfect place to practice without others hearing him and for solitude.


village marketplace


This is the village's marketplace. Many food stands and other types of stores can be found here, and this area can be booming on market day. It's also prime taxing territory for the money-hungry firebenders.


village shore

Village shore

This village stretches from the mountains down to the shore, and finishes off with a port. Residents, marketplaces, and storage warehouses sprinkle the shore, and although the port was used to transport goods, it's mostly used by the firebenders now.


Resident Firebenders


firebender tax collector

Tax Collector

The leader of the firebending tax collectors, this man knows every trick in the book when it comes to collecting the villagers' taxes. His method of persuasion is painfully clear, and he likes to toy with the villagers as if it's all a game. His job also includes retrieving revealed earthbenders.




This firebender is in charge of the prison rig where the captured earthbenders are enslaved. He's sickeningly polite to his "honored guests" but his temper can rage without a moment's notice. He's overly confident in himself, and despite living on a rig miles from shore, he doesn't know how to swim.




The brute force to keep the masses in line, the Fire Nation guards and their brethren in masks are well known where ever the Fire Nation rules. The give back-up support to those in charge when needed, and make daily rounds throughout the village to keep an eye on things.