About the name

"Potential" might not be the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Haru, but after giving it a lot of consideration, I think it fits him rather nicely. Haru has the potential to become a better Earthbender, to become more courageous in his actions, and the potential to capture Katara's heart, just to name a few. If he ever returns in a future episode, I'm positive that he will surprise those that underestimated him from before.

About this site

Potential is a branch off of my main Avatar fansite, Distant Horizon, and was opened on April 2nd, 2005. Tired of the Haru bashing and too lazy to track down all the bashers in an attempt to set them straight, I figured making a fansite with all the facts would be easier. Besides, Haru deserves it. Potential is also the approved fanlisting for Haru.

About the layout

I always make my own layouts, and you can find info on each version below.

Layout version 2

Version 2

Uses screenshots from the shipyard rebellion near the end of the episode. The coals in Haru's hand spin, and a coal appears next to each of the main section links when hovered over. The banner was made in PSP7, and spliced in ImageReady. Coding was done in Notepad, and uses tables, div layers, & PHP.

Layout version 1

Version 1

Used a screenshot from when Haru prepares to earthbend the rocks away from the collapsing mine. Images were made in PSP7. Coding was done in Notepad, and uses an iframe and tables.

About me

I am Jade, 25. I've pretty much been with the Avatar fandom since it began. ^^; My biggest tribute to the fandom would probably be my site Distant Horizon and it's branched sites; as I try to set up a page or site for most Avatar-related things. There's a lot to do though, and I'm not very good at juggling. Many pages and sites don't get updated for a while, but I am constantly trying to do better.

As for Haru... I still like him, albeit not as much as I did when I first opened this site. Although I am glad he returned in season 3, the fact that I have yet to update the site with that information is probably very telling. ^^; I'll get to it eventually though, really.