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about this site

Keeping in Distant Horizon tradition, this branch from my main Avatar fansite serves to better outline the Avatar video games and provide helpful info and media that has been released or collected. I meant to launch this site a year ago when the first Avatar video game came out, but for some reason I never got around to finishing the site. :x But better late than never though, right?

about the layout

This is actually the second layout for this site; I made the first one almost a year ago. ^^;; (It'll probably be added as a changeable skin later on.) Anyway, the background image is from "The Drill" episode of Avatar's Book 2: Earth season, and the Aang image is from The Burning Earth boxart cover. The images were modified in Paint Shop Pro 7, and the site coding was done in Notepad.

about me

I am Jade. I've pretty much been with the Avatar fandom since it began, and I love playing video games and making graphics. My favorite series tend to be Nintendo-made -- Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon; but I also really loved Beyond Good & Evil and Tales of Symphonia. I played the first Avatar video games, and I have to say I was rather disappointed. I did enjoy the Nintendo DS version of the game though; it seems like TOSE, the company who helped develop the game for that system, were true Avatar fans and it really showed. So yay for them. ^^

Anyway, my main Avatar fansite is Distant Horizon, and my general website is at, with a few of my other (neglected) fansites. ^-^;