Game 3: Into The Inferno


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Ozai firebending Ozai vs. Aang Katara and Aang Katara and Aang Sokka & Zuko fighting Aang & Katara fighting Azula bending lightning
Zuko fighting guards Sokka fighting Firebenders Toph fighting Firebenders

Nintendo DS
Katara & Toph Katara & Toph Toph & Sokka Sokka Sokka using the boomerang Sokka & Toph Sokka using the boomerang
Aang, Toph, and Combustion Man Aang and... Toph earthbending Katara making an ice bridge Katara waterbending Katara waterbending

Wireless Gameplay
Aang/co with Waterbenders Aang/co fighting Firebenders Zuko with Firebenders