Game 2: The Burning Earth

The Burning Earth cover "The Burning Earth" is the second in the series of Avatar video games released by THQ, and is based on the second season of Avatar's animated tv show. The games were released on October 16, 2007 in North America, and are available for the Wii, X-Box 360, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, and GameBoy Advance. It is rated Everyone 10+, with a caution of violence.

In this game, players continue Aang and friends' journey to master their skills, defeat the Fire Nation, and return peace to their world. As seen in the show's second season, familiar locations and characters from the Earth Kingdom will be included, like the Swamp, the Desert, and of course Ba Sing Se.

New features for this game include:
Multi-Player Action: Play alone or with a friend as Aang, Katara, Sokka, or new characters Toph and Jet.
Avatar State: Go into the Avatar State to unleash its awesome power on enemies
Firebending: Play as Prince Zuko & Uncle Iroh and perform explosive Firebending moves
Flying Levels: Ride on Appa for dramatic air battles (more info below)
Battle Arena: Play as a variety of characters for intense fighting action

Information on the Flying Levels

The game features for the first time flying levels with Aang or Momo riding on Appa’s back, battling enemies as they try to travel to new locations in the game.

In single player mode, players will be able to guide Appa through the air while dodging obstacles such as rock pillars and falling trees. Players will also be able to use Momo’s fruit or Aang’s air-blasts to defeat adversaries along the way.

In two player co-op mode, one player will be able to steer Appa, while the other player controls Aang or Momo to aim their attacks. Players must avoid being hit in order to preserve their energy so they can complete the level. There are health rings that Appa can fly through, although sometimes these are on hazardous routes that will require players to be skillful – so there’s a risk involved.

 --Wii specific
On the Wii, players hold the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in each hand as if they were Appa’s reins. Tilting the "reins" steers Appa in the air, while the control stick can be used to aim at targets.

There are two parts of the game where players will be able to experience the flying levels:

Swamp - Appa and Momo will have to fly through the swamp in order to find Aang and Katara after being separated from the tornado. The swamp is inhabited by the Foggy Swamp Tribe who is trying to capture Appa and Momo and make them their next meal. Appa and Momo must do their best in order to dodge their attacks by flying through narrow trees, poisonous swamp gas, and dangerous creatures. Players will also have the opportunity to find special pick-ups that will aid them in their journey.

Desert - Aang and Appa are in the desert looking for a mysterious library that was hidden by the great spirit, Wan Shi Tong. The library is believed to contain secrets about the Fire Nation that will aid the heroes in winning the war. In order to get there, players will have to travel through rough and rocky terrain while watching out for falling rock pillars and sand tornadoes, not to mention the Fire Nation riding on mongoose dragons and the dangerous desert buzz wasps. As they reach their destination, they engage in a head-on battle with Azula, Mai and Ty Lee.

(Thank you Matt for the Flying info)