Fanfic Submission Guidelines

So you would like to have your fanfic listed at DH? Awesome.
But first, some guidelines.

  1. Your fic has to be related to Avatar. It can take place in the current show time, or in future or past, but the show rules need to apply to your fic.

  2. Mary Sue type fics stand a 50% chance of not being accepted, mostly because, well, they may be too mary sue-ish. However, if your fic/characters are well written or has an original spin, you need not worry. Not sure if your fic is a Mary Sue? Take the quiz to find out.

  3. Only fics rated K through T or G through PG-13 will be accepted.

  4. I'm not accepting any Slash fics, sorry.

  5. PLEASE! Don't email me your actual story. Post it at or something similar, then email me the link to your story. This way, I save server space and you can get more feedback for your fics. We both win!

  6. Other than the above limitations, I accept all styles of fics; from one-shots, multi-chapters, song-fics, random scene blurbs, whatever.
And that's it! Think your ready? Then email your fanfic link to me! :)