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   May 31, 2013
Updating again sorta soonish! Fanart has been updated with a new Avatar drawing, and more are on the way.

   March 14, 2013
First update of the year, hopefully more to follow. Fanart has been updated with my latest crochet doll, a Season 1 Prince Zuko, filed under Avatar.

   December 28, 2012
Welp, the pattern of updating twice a year continues. This year's Avengers carving has been added to the Pumpkin Carvings page, and Fanart has been updated with the 13 drawings/crochet projects from this year, in Avatar, Legend of Zelda, and Everything Else. The Other page has been re-organized a bit as well, along with some new links. I also want to note that I have a Tumblr now, which updates slightly more often than this site and includes my art and works in progress. Thanks for visiting!

   January 8, 2012
Happy new year! Meant to post this all last month, but that's life. Fanart has been updated with pieces in Avatar and Legend of Zelda; the Pumpkin Carvings page has been updated with my Korra and Trigun 2011 carvings; and 15 Icons have been added under Detective Conan, Tales of Symphonia, and Misc (Captain America, Chris Evans, Hawaii 5-0, The Losers, and Spider-Man).

   June 6, 2011
There are seven new drawings and paintings in Fanart for Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, and Misc (POTC and Baten Kaitos).

   February 11, 2011
Four new pieces have been added to Fanart for Avatar, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon. The Shiny Pokemon page has been updated as well.

   December 30, 2010
Just a last minute update before the year goes up. A new section has been added to Other; Moodthemes! There's only two, and it'll probably never be updated again, but there you go. My 2010 Pumpkin Carving has also been added, as well as a few minor edits around the site. Hope you all have a fun and blessed new year! :)

   July 29, 2010
Six new Fanart entries have been added to Avatar, Zelda, Pokemon, and Misc, as well as six not-that-new Icons to Avatar, Detective Conan, Zelda, and Tales of Symphonia. My sketch blog has also been added to the Other Sites list in Other.

   November 12, 2009
There are 8 new Fanart entries for Avatar, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Misc (Naruto, Okami, Pixar, and Neopets). A new section in Other for my Pumpkin Carvings has also been made.

   July 19, 2009
There are 61 new Icons for Avatar, Tales Of Symphonia, Detective Conan, Pokemon, Misc, and Legend of Zelda. The Fanart page has new entries as well; one Avatar and two manga colors. Lastly, the Shiny Pokemon page has been replaced with a Complete Text List, which is far easier to manage. The old page still exists, but from now will just focus on my particular favorites. I guess that's all.

   October 10, 2008
Finally got around to updating the Icons page with 19 not-so-new icons for Naruto, Pokemon, and Misc: Cars, Metroid, and YGO.

   June 6, 2008
New layout!! =D Recoding all of the pages was well-dreaded though, it took forever. D: Everything is done and validated though, so that's good. The header image is artwork from the official German guide for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening game, though it was completely recolored by me. It could still use some work, but after learning that I've been talking about making a new layout for this site since 2004 (omg!), I wanted to hurry and finish it. I'm pretty happy with the layout though, so this will probably be up for a long time as well. ^^; Along with the new layout, the Site page's info has been updated, and the Fanart page has been modified so that all of the pictures have their own little page. Aww. Zelos's Bio page has also been slightly updated to include info on the Symphonia sequel.

   May 25th, 2008

I keep putting it off, but the new layout is almost done. I just need to finish coloring a few parts and then recode.... all... of this site's pages, and then it'll be ready. But that'll probably be in another month or two, if not far longer. D: I'm really not looking forward to recoding all the pages. x_x

Update-wise, there are 3 new entries for Fanart: fancy Zuko drawing for Avatar and two Manga Colorings, one of Naruto and (this one's actually brand new) Zelos of Tales of Symphonia. (eeee, Symphonia sequel coming stateside in September! XDD I can feel my fangirly pride rising already. Guess that means I'll have to start updating his bio essay again.) There's also two new Wallpapers from the new Zelos coloring. (told ya, fangirling out.) The Icons page has also been massively updated, with exactly 100 new icons added, majorly to Naruto, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Misc, and Avatar. (although if you've seen my icons on LJ, then only about a dozen or so are technically new.) And to wrap it up, my Shiny Pokemon list has also been updated, and now includes a paragraph for those interested in trading with me. :)

   August 23rd, 2007

Still no new layout. I had a vague idea of how it would look, but I don't like that idea anymore. I think it's especially hard to come up with a new layout for this place because I still want it to have a white-ish background so that the fanart and icons won't clash against it, and I want the layout to have images but not be image-heavy so it takes long to load since I'll be upgrading the site to php so the layout will reload for each page. =/ To add to it, I haven't been giving the layout much thought lately because I've been trying to avoid bigger problems that need attention. lol.

But anyway, on to some real updates. I've added 7 new icons to Pokemon, Misc: Naruto, and Misc: Tales of., and a new Naruto manga coloring to Fanart.

   March 29th, 2007

Two updates in one month? You bet! This time a bunch of icons have been added, especially for the Pokemon and Legend of Zelda sections. I've also made eight new J*I banners, which you can find here. They're much better than the old banners. ^^'

Also, I know I said I wouldn't work on a new layout for this place, but after finishing the new layout for, I'm feeling really inspired. I'm not quite sure how it'll look yet, but I'm kinda thinking something like the orange banner below, which features an official art piece of Koholint Island from the game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. I can draw a lot of parallels between the game and what this site means to me, which is why I like the idea so much.
But I guess we'll see. ^-^

   March 6th, 2007

No major updates this time, just a new little page for all of the shiny pokemon I've captured. I recently caught my 6th one in Emerald (woo!), so I figured it was a good time to make a page. Because this is my site and I can do what I want, even if it seems a little childish. *coughs* Anyway, you can find it here, under Opinions in Other. Although.... I might just scrap the opinions page and just list it and the Zelos bio under Other. I'm not writing articles like I thought I would be back when I first made that page, so there's no point for inconvenient organizing when it's not needed.

Actually, that's exactly what I'm going to do. As for the new layout, I've decided against it for now. I fixed this current one so it works better in Firefox, and I kinda like its simplicity. Plus, the layout can't be image heavy since the main features are fanart and icons, and that would only slow things down. So this is okay for now.

   December 29th, 2006

Good God, man. It's the end of December and this is only my second update for the year? How sad. Well, at least this update is actually worth something good.

I've added two new sections, both of which can be found on the Other page. First is Wallpapers! Along with some of my old Avatar wallpapers, there are two new ones from the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past manga. I colored 'em myself. ^_^ Since it was a lot of fun to do, I'll probably do more manga-colored wallpapers in the future. Second up is the Icons page! Listing over two hundred icons that I've made for fandoms like Avatar, Detective Conan, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and more. This section is bound to get updated often, as making icons is one of my favorite pastimes. Next to slacking off, anyway.

As for other future-related projects, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I have an idea for the new layout, so hopefully I'll be able get to that soon. I also plan on taking down a bunch of old fanart and fanfics (all, maybe?) because they suck and I'm embarrassed by them. My birthday is in a few days, and aside from FREAKING OUT that I'm so old already, it's time I cleaned this place up a bit.

So, yeah. That's all for now though. Hope you all have a happy new year!

   July 12th, 2006

Wow, I'm actually updating...? But if I wait 45 more days, it will be exactly one year since my last update! . . . . wah. ;____;

Tonight's updates include 3 new drawings! The first (which was drawn earlier today) is for Pokemon, and features a bellsprout inside the Bellsprout Tower in Johto. I've started playing Pokemon Crystal again, and I have a feeling that I'll be drawing more Johto-esqe pictures in the near future. This is not a promise! It's a.... cheap fortune telling? o_0 The other two fanarts aren't so new, being from last December/this February and are of Avatar. Also, since I now have 5 Avatar: The Last Airbender fanarts, they've been put under their own fanart section thing.

I'm also thinking of making a new layout for this place. Actually, I need to make new layouts for all of my sites, but I have no idea what to do for this site. I like the simple-ness of this one, but it doesn't look too good in Firefox. Plus, the pages really should be php-ified, and I can't do that until I make a new layout. x_x

As for updating the Zelos bio with (better) info on Seles and Kratos... I don't know when I'll get to that. I do have most of the info needed from the game regarding them, but... I'm just not feeling it. It's been a long time since I last played the game, and I can't write true to the source unless I'm in the zone. But if/when I return to the Symphonia zone (which is bound to happen since I return to all of my fandom zones eventually), I'll remember to think about updating the Zelos bio.

   August 26th, 2005

Well, so much for making more BG&E art. ^^; But, I do come bearing new fanart -- this time of Zelos from Tales of Symphonia. ^_^ It's in the same style as my bg&e fanart, but I think I've gotten much better. The technique takes a lot longer, but I think the extra effort really shows. ...Although I still need to practice my proportions and hair highlighting... --; Ah well. Also, I finally caved and got rid of the fancy image textbox code, so all of the thumbnails in Fanart have the image text that can be read in all/most browsers again. yay.

Also, since I've started playing Tales of Symphonia again, I've come to realize how horribly wrong I was about Seles. Like OMG, what ever was I thinking? So, once I have access to the Coliseum and can get through the final rounds, you can be sure that there will updates to parts of my Zelos biography that mention her, along with a new added section, Konflicts with Kratos. Mwahahaha! xD

   July 21st, 2005

After spending the past two days drawing, I'm happy to say "Yay, I finished!" ^_^ I'm really happy with how this picture came out. It's what I hope to be the first of many fanarts for my new favorite video game, Beyond Good & Evil. (you can check out the awesome official website here) Of course, my future fanarts probably won't be as... gloomy... as this one, but making fanart with symbolism is a fun little hobby of mine. ^^ However... most of the symbolism may go unchecked unless you've finished the game (don't worry, there are no spoilers). ANYWAY. Before I get lost in even more rambling, the drawing has been added to Fanart under Everything Else (although hopefully in a few more productive weeks, it should have its own little section). Or, you can just see it here. =)

   June 29th, 2005

I found a cool new javascript code today; it's like a little pop-up text window that can explain about links or images! So I've written that code into the fanart and sub-art pages, so now they'll give more info about the drawings if you hover the mouse over the thumbnails. ^-^ However, it doesn't seem like this code will work in browsers other than IE, which of course, I didn't realize until after I was done replacing the text info on all 52 thumbnails. -_-;; So you know what? Screw it. I don't care if you're using FireFox and therefore will be unable to read which year that drawing was made in. You probably didn't notice anyway. So think of it as a treat for ye IE users. Although you guys probably don't care that much either. Well, whatever. I care, and that's good enough for me. I also deleted some of the older artworks and will probably be doing more spring-cleaning later.

   May 27th, 2005

Hmm. Painting lineless in OpenCanvas didn't go as well as I thought it would. But then again, I haven't drawn lineless since that KeroKero pic from last November. I guess I just need to practice more. Anyway, the reason for this musing is because I finished a lineless pic of Aang for my new 404 page. The edges are still a little... uh, edgy, but I'm too lazy to fix it now. I'll probably end up drawing a new one, but for now I guess this will do. The pic was also added to Fanart under EE. Hmm, if I draw two more Avatar fanarts, they can get their own little section. Wee. My rules are silly. ^-^;

   May 24th, 2005

...Yikes. It seems that once DH opened, all of my other sites took a dive. ^^; Well, I always was bad at multi-tasking. So, it makes sense that the new update is related to DH. Yup, I have new Avatar (under EE) fanart, this one also of Aang. Except this time I drew it in OpenCanvas, which as it turns out, was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. This is the... second (real) drawing I've done in there, if you don't count all the angry color swirls 'cause I couldn't figure out OC's mega complexity. ^^;;; But now that I've mostly figured it out (which is a lot easier since some of the features have been disabled 'cause the trial expired)(including saving Y_Y), I think I may draw there more often. Beats the heck out of my oekaki drawings, anyway. Except the lineless. I like those. ^^;

I also added some old fanart that I really should have added months ago; three PSP7-drawn Navi/fairy art to the Legend of Zelda section, and a sketchy hand holding (a mega crappy version) of the Ring of Power to the sub-art page under EE. I'm not sure why I like that hand so much. I usually don't like my sketches. Hmm. I also fixed up the Other page, add a linkme page, and replaced the Links page with a link to my Masta Links page. Much easier to have all your outside links in one place, or so I've heard. And that is all for now.

   March 11th, 2005

Added one new fanart to EE (yeah, I decided to rename it), updated the links page with some new links, and revamped the COTM pages with a better discription of what the story is about and also drew new mugshots for its bio page. Because really, the previous pictures were horrid. The new ones aren't perfect either, but at least its a start. Which is what I've done with the 4th chapter. ^-^ Yup, I'm almost half way through and I'm really honestly going to try finish and upload it this month. Really!

   February 28th, 2005

Well, this month sure went by quickly... I ended up starting projects I didn't think I'd make, and didn't do things that I planned to, namely the new chapters for my stories. Ah well, maybe next month. Anyway, I have a new Zelos fanart, and have moved all of the Symphonia art into their own little section. I also added a link to Distant Horizon, my new fansite to Avatar: The Last Airbender, to Other. And that's it. See ya in March...

   February 2nd, 2005

Thanks to alert readers and my recent completion of the Zelos Flanoir scene, I've become aware of certain inaccuracies in the Zelos Biography and have fixed them. Originally I had heard about the scene from someone else, but they had left out the major details so I had to come to my own conclusions of what happened. Silly me, I thought she was looking out for Zelos. But this is Tales of Symphonia - what ever was I thinking? ^_^; Anyway, the changes are mostly in the Family and Growing Up sections, and once again, be warned that the biography is full of spoilers. I also have a new drawing in the Pokemon section of Art, and have cleaned up the Links page and added two new banners.

   January 22nd, 2005

Added two new pictures to Art, one in Pokemon (Jirachi & Max) and the other in, well, Other (Chosens of Symphonia). Y'know, I should really name that something else. I always confuse myself with the Other section and the Other section in Art. And if I'm confusing myself, God only knows how many of you its screwing up. =P Perhaps I'll just follow the crowd and call my Other section "Omake". But.... I like the word "Other"! Maybe I'll call the Other Art section "Everything Else" or EE instead. Although, if I do one more Tales of Symphonia piccy it'll qualify for its own mini section. Maybe I'll just forget the renaming thing altogether and do more of these confusing rants. Ha, that sounds a lot more fun.

   January 19th, 2005

Finally finished and uploaded the fifth chapter of The Lipgloss Mastermind, which you can now read. The story is winding down, getting ready to sing its final song. How will it end? I'm not sure. I feel like pulling a really big twist, but if it's to fit in with the anime, I can't. The twist makes me laugh though... It would be so unexpected. *evil grin* Maybe I'll write it as an alternative ending. Oh yes. That would work wonderfully. XD

   January 3rd, 2005

Happy new year! ^_^ *throws confetti* I drew my first pic of the year last night, and I've added it to the Other section of the Art page. It's Presea (of ToS) enjoying a rainy day. Yeah, clearly this would take place after the end of the game. ^^; Maybe for the new year, I'll dye my hair pink...

   November 19th, 2004

...I know I usually don't update until I have at least three new things to add, but I really wanted to put this up. So, I have one new drawing in Other. It's Legolas, in an autumn forest. Yay.

   November 10th, 2004

Aww, I'm three days late! XD Anyway, I have added a lot of pictures today! Four are in the main art page (3 for Pkmn, 1 for Other), and two new ones for the sub-art page (1 Zelda, 1 Pkmn). I also fixed it so that the thumbnails say why they were placed in the basement. Mostly it's just me whining about why the pic sucks. =P

And that's it. No new stories, no new articles, just art. Ah well.

   October 7th, 2004

...It's been a whole month since my last update? Funny, it didn't seem like it was that long ago. Anyway, lots of new updates! I have... **drum roll, please!**
A brand new article for the Opinions page! It's a full-on biography for Zelos Wilder from the game Tales of Symphonia, and also about the Chosens, and the lies and deceits of their traditions, and all that juicy stuff. Be warned though, there are a lot of spoilers in the article!

There are six new pieces of art in the Art page, and two more in the new Art Basement page! This is where all my crappy art goes! Yay!

I also added a few new links, and deleted a lot of unused content that was taking up space. And.... that's basically it. But yay for new stuff! Now go check it out! ^_^

   September 7th, 2004

Well, I wanted to wait until I finished my essay before updating, but it looks like it'll take a bit longer than I expected. Anyway, I have four new drawings up, one in Zelda, three in Pokemon, and one in Other. I actually have a lot more, but I don't like 'em enough to add to upload them. Although.... I might just make another section just for them, along with the rather crappy pics in the Art section. But I'll do that when I finish and upload my essay. I'm almost done, just need to write the last half and think of a good ending. It's an in-depth look at the misunderstood Zelos from Tales of Symphonia, and why it sucks to be Chosen. I think it's interesting/informative, but it's also kinda long. Ah well. Oh, and my email is back up.

   August 14th, 2004

Finally, time to update this place! ^_^ I've added 6 new pieces of art, some new, some a month or two old. I've been on the oekaki a lot, so they're my favorite pics. And since this oekaki phase thing doesn't seem to be wearing off, you can expect a lot more art updates. Go here to see 'em. I also edited the links page and added a few more things. That's all the updates for now though.

   June 22nd, 2004

I usually don't speak of my Pokemon fanart with pride, but with this one I am making an exception. I am so proud of how this came out, that I am linking it directly. Go. See it. I demand it. ^__^ I really like how it turned out, especially the shading. So what are you waiting for? Go see it already!

   June 14th, 2004

...Well, I wasn't quite sure if I should have added this, but I made a new fanart a few days ago and it's not all that bad, and I don't really have anything else to update with, so... there's a new Legend of Zelda fanart up. It's of Link from Wind Waker, but it's rather boring. But it was good practice for me, since I haven't drawn on the computer for a while, and helped iron out my probs with coloring in layers. (I always confuse myself with that). So check it out if ya like. You could even think of it as a treasure hunt in a way - there are 4 things wrong with the picture. Can you find all the mistakes? Mwahahaha.

   May 19th, 2004

Holy crap, it's been three months since my last update. Heheheh... oops? Well, I'd give an excuse (and I do have some good ones), but I tire of them. Excuses are really annoying me now. So I'll just tell you all about the grand new updates instead. Happy? Wonderful.

First up on the list of new stuff is a new chapter for my fic, Lipgloss Mastermind. You can read chapter 4 here. More impressive is that this is the last chapter before the big finale, and it may even spawn a sequel. How exciting! ^__^
Second on the list is a new Legend of Zelda fanart! I actually drew it a few months ago, but didn't bother to update it until now. I think it turned out pretty good for my second attempt at Oekaki (which is like an online paint shop program billboard thingy). Yup, I'm proud.

Also, because I don't think I mentioned it before, I took down my email addy. I've been getting way too much spam lately, so if you've been trying to contact me and haven't heard anything, sorry. Until I can figure out how to filter my email or whatever, if you've got a question, comment, or request, just leave it in my guestbook. Unless you already have my email addy, then just put something in the title like, "about Jade Island/Musogato" or "Jade, you lazy bum!" You get the idea. :) Anyway, that's all for now, more little updates may possibly be coming up soon.

   February 18, 2004

I made a new banner to link back to Jade*Island with because most of my other banners suck pretty bad. Actually, this one isn't all that great either, but it is a heck of a lot better compared to the others. So Hey, I've improved! *happy dance* I also updated the links page. Really! I'm not lying this time. All the links work and I even added some. *continues dancing*

   February 6, 2004

Added a new picture to the Legend of Zelda area in Fanart, which I am semi-proud of! Drew it entirely in PSP7 with my under-appreciated Wacom tablet. I think it turned out okay, but I totally blanked on the background. But hey, I'm still new at this. When I earn some mad skillz then I'll worry about backgrounds. :P

   January 31, 2004

oOo, first update of the year! Too bad it wasn't earlier in the month though. Ah well, it won't damper my spirits! I'm very happy to present the next chapter to the Lipgloss Mastermind fanfic. I also fixed a few minor things around the site and updated the links page. That's about it for now, though.

   November 12, 2003

*NEW* The cuteness overcame me... a cuddly Azurill has been added to the Pokemon section of the FanArt page.
It's been almost a month since my last update... oops. Maybe I should have mentioned something about going on vacation before promising an update. Oh well. Anyway, I have added a new section to the Other page, called Opinions! And in that new section is a colorful page dedicated to my Favorite characters! ^_^ Everything is interconnected, you see. But that is all that is new. I am working on another new section and some article/essay things for the Opinions page, but that's it. No promises as to when it will be done, as I have a bad habit of breaking promises. Especially when those promises deal with updating. What a bummer.

   October 14, 2003

Woo! New layout! Yes, it doesn't match the season, but when did it ever? Besides, those sprites up top are soooo cute.... it makes up for it. Another excuse - Tropical islands usually only see two seasons: Sunny and Rainy. That's it. Trust me. So chill out and be happy. ^_^

Besides the new layout, I actually have a lot of updates! The site page has been revamped, there's three new pictures in the Fan Art page - one colored manga scan of young Link, one colored manga scan of Joey Wheeler from his Bad Ass street days, and one colored manga scan of Vash the Stampede looking sweet as always (maybe you'll recognise it from my previous blog layout?). I'd like to note that those manga scans were in black and white before I colored them. Yeah. I also have a brand new section called Other, which holds the fun stuff like my guestbook and a bunch of other sections that will be coming soon. Seriously soon. As in maybe next week soon. You'll just have to wait and see. Mwaha.

   November 13, 2002

   March 25, 2002

Well, Jade*Island and Musogato are finally on-line! About time, too. This was supposed to be done all the way back in January! 0.0! But anyway, here are the changes to J*I since you last saw her back at

1) J*I is now a permanent resident at
2) There is a lovely new layout (thanks to for the HTML skeleton and PSP6 & me for the graphics)
3) The navigation is cleaner and easier, and there's a little update box on every page to your left. That way, you can see the last time that page was updated and what's new. :)

SO! Do you like the new and improved Jade*Island? I hope so!

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