There's only a few, but here are the moodthemes that I have made. For use on blogs or wherever else, you're welcome to use them but please give credit to Musogato or link back here. :)

Detective Conan

Detective Conan Moodtheme

132 images; 100x50 pixels; .png

132 individual moods from the Detective Conan anime, movies, and manga. Features Conan and a mix of the rest of the main cast, including Kaitou Kid.

Finished in June 2010.

Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet Moodtheme

133 images; 80x40 pixels; .png

132 individual moods (plus one "Sad" alternative) from the 2002 Disney movie, Treasure Planet. Features a mix of Jim and the rest of the main cast and villains.

Finished in May 2006.