Curse of the Miasma

What started as short detour to see what was troubling Pikachu; Ash, Misty, and Brock inadvertently stumble into the massive web of Miasma as Brock is kidnapped along with a girl named Samantha Lynn. The only way for them to reunite and escape with their lives is to solve the mystery surrounding this girl and the gang organization. But not everyone is willing to comply, and the roots of Misama run deep into the countryside. Especially with a war brewing on the horizon...

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The Chapters

Chapter 1 : Unexpected Guests
Chapter 2 : Welcome Back
Chapter 3 : Questions Lead Only to More


Note! This story has been on hiatus for many years, and may very well continue to stay on hiatus. Although I know how the plot goes/ends and etc, it has a lot of issues and to continue it would mean reconstructing the whole story and plot. Which would take a lot of time. Which could be better spent working on a new, better story, that isn't centered around a massive mary-sue. :x So you know!