You may use my sprites as long as you *clearly* credit
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I've made over a thousand sprites since 2005, the vast majority of them for a show called Avatar: The Last Airbender. While you can find the site dedicated to displaying them over here, I wanted to post some of my favorites along with other sprites I've made that don't have a dedicated home.

Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

These are my favorites out of the 1,140+ sprites I've made. Sometimes I think I would really like to make more (there are so many characters/outfits I didn't do!) but then my eyes bleed in response.
I guess... I have become too old to make such tiny things. :(

The Legend of Zelda

big navi navi music navi xmas navi party tiny navi epona saria skullkid skullkid skull skullkid majora
I made the Navi sprites as adoptables for my Navi fansite/fanlisting, and then later made the character sprites for a Majora's Mask debate page.


naruto outlined naruto not outlined kabuto's ninja card
Made these as a joke during a forum game. I was working on Kabuto too, but never finished him.


not updated new blinking star pumpkin notice tiny pumpkin
Sometimes you just want a blinking gif next to your site announcements, which is why I made these.

My Id icons

cat sky korl
I made these for my DeviantART profile icon, and am still using the cat one. I really like how King of Red Lions turned out though.