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Inktober '17: My Fave Old PKMN

(full size)

October 2017   -   Ink, Watercolor pencils

Featuring Kingdra, one of the first pokemon I ever IV bred & EV trained for the Battle Tower (and has been on my competitive team ever since). Weavile, a pokemon I bred/trained for a LiveJournal competition that has also stayed on my team since. And then a Poochyena and Ralts that have never been used in any capacity, but I continue to transfer them to each new game. Benny's named after an old pet, and Mraz is.... in a Dive ball. ....yeah.

For 2017's Inktober I drew my most beloved in-game pokemon, since I had recently had an SD card scare and nearly lost all of my data. These are for Days 7 through 9 of the challenge.

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