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Lost History

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June 2011   -   Drawn/colored in GIMP
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, The Wind Waker, Spirit Tracks

Featuring three generational Links. Sort of a moody piece; Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a cute, fun game, but there's something about how it (almost completely ignores) the previous Link hero that drives me up the wall. I didn't think I would have a raw nerve for something like this, but there it is. My original explanation for this pic is unfairly mean toward ST!Link, so I'll just say it's about how he'll never know about his heroic ancestors, even though he still has to live by their ancient laws.

Started this back in January 2010 as my first project using the Ink tool in GIMP, and got around to finishing it and another piece in June 2011 that pretty much marked the end of drawing with that tool.
Textures used are by Masterjinn and in-GIMP patterns.

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