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Fire Nation Son

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March 2008   -   Hand-drawn, colored in PSP7
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Featuring Zuko. I drew this as a fanart prize for one of the winners of 2007's Avatar Pumpkin Carving Competition. I had fun making it, and I'm really, really happy with how it came out. I've never used textures for something other than icons before though, so finding large enough ones that matched what I was going for was new. I couldn't find the exact kind of background pattern I wanted, but this was pretty close.

Lineart was drawn on paper then "inked" and colored in Paint Shop Pro 7. I also vectored the giant firebender symbol in the background. The Chinese script is from a fabric pattern I found, and I have no idea what it says. Bg textures used are from: Dori-Stock, ami-laverick, Kylee29, and ro-stock.

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